Another holiday!

How lucky are we to be having another holiday?!  And how lucky are we to have such generous family (Joth’s  cousin) to do house sitting for.  Their house is so beautiful and is right on the  banks of the River Wye in Herefordshire.  I always knew it was a lovely place to be but it seems even more magical now we are here and we’ve done some lovely things and just soaked up the amazing view.  We sat down for tea tonight and watched the wild deer come and join the cows in the field next to us.  It also seems very precious to be able to live in someone else’s house for a bit – it’s like being given a lovely present.  All that trust.  As usual, when I’m given something so nice it makes me want to give the same thing to someone else which all helps the world go round.



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4 responses to “Another holiday!

  1. Enjoy!

    (is that grandpa on the DS? 😉 ;))

  2. lindsay349

    Yes! He’s teaching Oscar bridge. x

  3. Ah, I like bridge! Didn’t know you could play it on the DS! 😀

  4. We’ve been to that peregrine viewing place on the Wye 🙂 I do really like that area – have a lovely time 🙂

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