Potty Training and the run

No, not the runs thank goodness, just the one – The Totnes Fun Run.  I feel I could get them under the trade descriptions act for that description but still, the boys seem to trot off to it quite happily year after year although Oscar did look as if it had occured to him that it actually felt like quite hard work.   Hmmm.  It may not be so easy to get him out of the door next year.  Actually, it wasn’t very easy getting any of us out of the door for it as once again I’d only given us 25mins from me realising the race was on today to the starting pistol!   Running the race felt like the easy part in comparison to making it on time!  Mind you, that’s easy for me to say as I was only watching and doing the all important videoing:

Oscar looked like he did quite respectably, Lucas said he got a stitch in the middle and seemed a bit disappointed with how he’d done (which was a particular shame as he’d been the keenest one to do it) and Anton set off with Joth at a great pace only to peter out gradually and by the time the finish line came up (they’d only done half the course as they hadn’t done the 2nd lap) he took a great deal of persuading to bother to cross the line!  Bless him. It was so funny.   He really looked quite shell shocked afterwards and even the complimentary chocolate bar didn’t seem to fix it.  Let’s hope we haven’t put him off running for life.

It was a big day for him anyway as we’d made a big thing about having pants after the holiday.  White pants.  HUGE white pants (thanks to mail order) which incidentally are waterproof so that we don’t have to stay inside for the next 2 weeks while he works this one out.  He seemed very keen but I only bought 6 pairs and he’s on the last one already!  As Joth said, at least he now tells us when he’s done a wee though which he never does in nappies.  We shall see.  We can always slink back to nappies for a bit longer.

Joth and I have been using today to plan the next few weeks.  He will be getting back to intense work tomorrow but we also want to get the upstairs a bit more sorted before Oscar starts school and I’m feeling a chucking out phase is in order.  It would be nice to feel the house is a bit “lighter”.  It’s hard with four different ages not to save everything in case it’s useful to someone but I think sometimes that the good stuff isn’t always used or seen because it’s hidden under piles of other stuff.  Anyway, we plan to move Oscar’s stuff to the small front bedroom to clear his old room (where Anton and Joth already sleep – confusing) in to a room for Anton with the view that he and Dante will no doubt end up sharing and will need one of the bigger rooms.  Oscar seems all to happy to be getting a different room and it will be nice for Anton to have his books and toys in the room where he sleeps.

There is of course a huge amount of organisation that is involved in all this including getting a bed base on Freecycle, finding a cheap carpet (as moving the wardrobe will reveal huge hole in other one!) and selling lots of stuff on ebay.   My idea is as usual to sell more than I buy.  Repeat – sell MORE than I buy…


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