Sock Things

I didn’t find my camera this morning when the boys were doing Sumo wrestling in the sitting room, complete with sumo style clothing (or lack of it) so you have been spared that.

I did however find my camera this afternoon when Lucas and Anton were making sock things.  These masterpieces were made out of tin cans, socks, wobbly eyes and wool.  They have been created, cuddled and cosseted.

They’ve even had beds made for them..

and they even had a campervan made for them out of the baby trolley but I didn’t get a picture.

I was listening to Lucas playing in the bath with Anton later.  They were making an amazing variety of drinks for each other from the bathwater.  Anton is so lucky to get so much attention from each brother.  Oscar carries him on his back and play fights with him, and Lucas makes things with him and plays imaginary games and reads to him (or with us while I’m reading to him) every night.   I can also tell that Anton is very close to Dante these days.  Dante was grizzling on the floor tonight while I was trying to finish a story for Anton and he told me to pick him up.  It was also interesting that when we were saying goodbye to the older two for their weekend away and I gave Oscar Dante to hold for a minute, Anton cried out “Don’t take Dante!”  I think he feels very much a partnership with Dante and Dante rewards him with such lovely smiles even when I am saying “Just be gentle, he won’t like that” and Dante goes and laughs.  He really is the easiest, most rewarding baby imaginable.  He is just so happy and content most of the time, but alert and interested in everything.  He provides such lovely sane moments in my day when I can just snuggle in to his impossibly soft skin and revel in the thought that I am at least meeting someone’s needs.  I can’t see how he could be any happier.


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