Forging Friendships

English homework took two hours tonight.  He had to write out a speech in more formal text.  It just takes Oscar a long time to write things and he was being so careful but of course things still went wrong and he had the odd crossing out.  He has such a good attitude to it all though.  He’s dying to get house points.  I hope it isn’t too impossible to get them!

He seems to be mentioning more names of others in his class.  He said he and others went off to get the passwords for the computer system in their break so they could do their English homework and said the rest of the class would be really chuffed that they’d made it possible for everyone to do their work.  Hmmm, I’m not so sure they will!  Then the three of them went off to do their homework in the lunch break!   Gosh.

I’m glad he’s still got friend though as yesterday he’d come back saying that one of them was chewing gum (which is against school rules) so he’d “walked away.”  !*!  That comes from a comment I made years ago when Oscar was about 6 and he’d got shouted at as he was standing next to Sam who was throwing stones at windows and I said if you don’t want to get in to trouble walk away.   Why he chooses to listen to that particular remark when there are so many other discarded gems of wisdom I have tried to impart I don’t know but I tried to clear that one up anyway so short of robbing a bank I think he may stick by his friends more in future.

It’s funny thinking of Oscar with people I don’t know, in a room I don’t know, with teachers I haven’t met.  Not bad, just funny.

Everyone asked after him today when I took Lucas in to Acorns.  R&A weren’t there either today so Lucas was the oldest with just five other lads there.  He said it was a bit boring at break but seemed OK about it all.  We have our first home ed day together tomorrow so I must go to bed to get some energy.  I felt rather washed out today.  Forest Friends was nice this morning though as the sun came out while we were in the woods.  A good friend of mine has joined and we were in the same birth class for Anton and her son, so that’s lovely, thinking that I’ll get to see her every week now.  Anton got a lot out of pottering in the woods and stirring up muddy puddles with sticks.  The singing went well too and we made leaf collages.

This evening was busy.  Really busy.  But it wasn’t an unusually busy evening, just what will become a normal one with Lucas swimming at 4.30 and Oscar doing homework.  Everyone needed everything all at the same time.  I still managed to slink out for a drink with a friend once Anton and Dante were in bed but I was so nearly asleep that I’m not sure she will have thought I was worth the trouble.  Still, I have to try!


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