Let them eat cake

And so we’re in to the second week of this school lark.  Oscar’s doing pretty well.  He seems to be coming home and buzzing with lots of things to tell us.  There is the odd disappointment here and there but on the whole there seem to be lots of exciting things going on for him and he seems to be hanging around with a group of friends.  Sometimes he looks pretty exhausted and the homework is still taking him quite a while longer than the half hour allotted for each subject (2 a night on average) but I think 1/2 hr for each subject is unrealistic anyway.  There’s very little you can do well in 1/2 an hour.   He was doing his maths tonight and whizzing through it and yet it still took him 50mins (although he seemed to take at least 10 mins to find a pencil from his pencil case).

As for the rest of us, school is having a knock on effect of course.  The evenings have changed from being a time when we could wind down to being a time when we have to catch up and get ready for the next day.  I have had a few pupils leave at the end of last term (changing schools etc) and yet I’m saying no to any new pupils at the moment because it’s too difficult to be there to help O with homework and get tea and everyone sorted.  Oscar did Tutti orchestra last night and I was teaching and so he didn’t get as much done as usual (there’s still time before he has to hand in).

We’ve also been busy taking him to and fro but have just made contact with the others who are going from Totnes and they’re very happy to have us on board in the lift share so we’ll be doing 1 in every 4 journeys which will make a real difference.   It’s far cheaper and nicer than a school bus (even if there was such a thing) so we’re really chuffed.

Luc seems to be doing OK with it all but I’m keeping a close eye on him.  He put a pair of Oscar’s school socks on the other day saying he couldn’t find any in his drawer but I thought afterwards that he might have been wanting to try on something to do with Oscar’s uniform.  I’m looking forward to a home ed day with him tomorrow.  I feel I hardly see him on a Monday and Tuesday as he has Acorns all day and then I teach.  On Tuesday he gets back and goes straight to tutor for an hour and then straight to swimming so it’s a heck of a day for him.  He’s seen lots of R&A and Oscar was upset to hear that Luc had had a whole day there on Wednesday playing Warhammer.  That gave him a little wobble about school but I’ve just had quiet words with each of them separately; pointing out to Oscar how important it is for Luc to have lots of fun things going on while O is doing new exciting things, and I’ve just pointed out to Luc that all the new things for O are quiet tiring too and that he misses doing all the nice things at home.   And then I had a quiet word with Joth about not saying things like “I bet you can’t wait to have a lie in” to Oscar when he’s never had a lie in in his life or thought he needed one!  No point in creating more things to feel you’re missing.  There is a fine balance between helping them voice their feelings and creating more issues by talking about things they’re not bothered about.

Last week we all had our hair cut and Luc got quite a bit “chopped off”.

Then we made a chocolate cake for teatime as part of my let’s-be-a-good-mum-for-hungry-school-child

The weekend got off to a great start because my brother came down for the day in his new car before he starts his new job.  We went off to see an artist who paints children’s pictures as I hoped we could buy a print as a birth present for Dante but the artist didn’t do prints so offered us the original for £200 which was half price!   I’ve never bought a real picture before and I feel unbelievably extravagent but I went and bought it!   Arrgghh!!!   I was spending some money given to Dante when he was born from Tara and added a bit of my own and now I have something really special for them that they can pass on to their children.  I have put it next to Anton’s bed (where Dante will sleep too when he’s older) so they can look at it as they go to sleep.  There’s so much detail on it that I can imagine them getting really lost in it  as they’re drifting off to sleep.  (Pictures to follow).

We had a raclette that evening when Oscar was back so Oscar felt he had a lovely time with Dave too.  The rest of the weekend was a bit more hectic though as I was working on the Saturday and the Sunday.

On the Sunday I was doing a picnic concert with another string quartet in Pendennis Castle, Cornwall for English Heritage.  The boys had been invited to R&A’s so we just took the little ones.  It was a lovely sunny day and they slept on the way so J and I had a great chat as we so often do when we’re driving.  It’s lovely not thinking we should we trying to do something else.   J and the little ones went around the castle and I enjoyed the playing.  I missed having the older ones with us though.  We’re keeping next Sunday as just a family day.  We’re trying to circle certain days and evenings in the diary as it just gets too hectic.  Even the timetabling for all their after school stuff had to be written down and worked out.

I’ve had a lovely week with Anton and Dante.  Dante cut his first tooth about two weeks ago.  He’s so ready to smile all the time and is just the easiest baby imaginable.


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  1. Glad school’s going okay. It does have many repercussions though – the obvious ones and then some unexpected ones. The liftshare sounds really useful.

    New blog address is above, hopefully. Don’t read it now though, there’s a stupidly long post about August!

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