Too hard to please

We were just doing some violin practise and Lucas said “I remember when you were really proud of me when I did half a page. Then, you were proud of me when I did a page and then two and now we can do lots of pages and you’re not proud of me.” He seemed to be joking.

Anton was hard to please too today as he wanted to know “How do you make babies?” I told him in as much detail as I thought he would be able to take in but he was only put out that he wouldn’t be able to have the babies. ”But I want to have a baby.” Being a daddy wasn’t good enough apparently. He had tears in his eyes. Mind you that was nothing compared to the tears I had in mine when I was having babies.



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2 responses to “Too hard to please

  1. Yay, you are still there! Poor Anton 🙂

    • lindsay349

      Yes still here – just about! Thank you for not giving up on me… I’ve got some more posts in draft versions that I will try to post later today. How has school managed to make me busier?!! xx

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