High praise indeed

There is a “non pupil day” at school today (I love to imagine the teachers all having to have the lessons instead) so Oscar has his new school friend around. I was keen to do my best “mum” bit and thought as he was being dropped here early on the way to his dads work (he drives past the door which is good) they might like to have breakfast of pancakes and hot chocolate.

I got Anton to sleep (he’s got quite a temperature today) and I was managing to cook the pancakes with Dante in the sling (I strap his arm in so he can’t grab at things) while we had a good chat, so all was going swimmingly until the ruddy smoke alarm went off. We were flapping tea towels at it and opening all the windows but it wouldn’t shut up and so it woke Anton up and he came in the kitchen crying and holding his hands over his ears. I had to try to pick him up (while I still had Dante in the sling) but Dante was upset by Anton making such a noise so he started crying too and suddenly there I was with two screaming children in my arms with the house burning down around us.

Such is life in this house. From the sublime to the chaotic in a nano second. Luckily the boys weren’t phased (mine are all too used to it of course) and Joth came down to do his hero bit and sorted the smoke alarm and carried Anton for a bit to calm him down while I served some more pancakes. This working at home thing can be useful. He’s also going to take them to the bowling alley later. He says he’s in a thinking stage of development and is happy to be thinking in a car park in Torquay.

So the boys all ate loads of pancakes before rushing straight back to the Xbox. I just pulled out a packet of lollies and shoved them through the bannister (they are playing on the upstairs landing) and heard Fred say “Wow, your mum’s really nice.” 🙂


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