Material Girl

I don’t like to think of myself as a material girl.  In fact I think I’m quite cheap to keep really but every now and then I find some material items that really do make a difference to our lives.  In the past couple of months I have treated ourselves to a few really great things that have changed our little world for the better and I thought I’d record them for fun.  Incidentally this is not a sponsored post – they don’t even know I’m linking!

A couple of months ago we started to find Dante was too heavy for the baby bjorn sling as all their weight goes upon your shoulders so I dug out another one we’d been given and it’s great for this next stage (it didn’t come with the carrier insert for smaller babies) as the weight is mainly distributed around your hips.  It’s really lovely to be able to carry on carrying him as he loves it so (don’t they all!) and so do I.  It feels like I’m just able to hug him while getting on with everything else too.  I’ve always used slings but it’s only after 4 babies and trying every type of sling I could think of I’ve finally managed to find the one for me!

Copy of IMG_9087

Then we also thought we could do with a double buggy (from ebay).  The one we had for O and L was so awful that it was a chore to use and I thought I’d see if stretching to a better one would help.  It does.  It’s so easy to push and easy to get round the shops with.  We’ve never had a three wheeler before and I feel very flash!

Copy of IMG_9057

Then I decided to stop squeezing my diary in to a tiny organiser and get a bigger one.  I love filofax type things.  The electronic variety don’t do anything for me.  I looked for a handmade looking version but couldn’t find anything so I asked this very helpful chap if he’d make me an A5 organiser and he did!  It was only £25 for a bespoke one in goatskin leather.  I’ve been busy putting a Dodo diary insert in and lots of lists and addresses.  I feel so organised!  Not that it’s making any difference in the running of everything but I just feel better.



And then lastly something I haven’t found a reason to call useful in any way but I just love it.  A friend bought it for me because we were discussing how lovely it is to associate lovely smells with lovely people (my Nan always smelt lovely for instance) and she found a great new shop in Exeter that make natural fragrances from organic ingredients.  They are very reasonably priced too.  This one is £13 so I feel I can use it.



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  1. I cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL your goatskin organiser is!! Hand made just for you for only 25 quid!?! And I LOVE the latch closure! I will have to check out that website.

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