A run down

(I was completely unrealistic this morning about the amount of stuff I thought we could fit in.  I just got carried away.)

7am- everyone gets up and Joth makes them all porridge while I stagger about in my dressing gown.  Mornings and me just don’t get on.  It was curry day at school so I didn’t have to make a packed lunch (O likes the curry).

7.30 – O meant to start practising.  He faffs about and we disagree about whether it is important to brush hair or not.

7.45 – He starts violin practise with me encouraging him to listen carefully to his intonation on the Vivaldi.

8 – O leaves for school, with my voice ringing in his ears saying that he will have to do more practise later.  Not the way I wanted us to start the day.  Bother.

8.10 – Lucas starts practise and does a fantastic 50 mins of intense violin.  We had to work out a few things as he just wanted to play through and I wanted him to work carefully but I usually find the next practise after an intense practise like that goes really well as he will have improved but also he will know what I’m after without me saying.

9- We start our art session which is putting together the collage (Lucas chose this one) from the pages of the book that we had ripped up and then coloured with watercolour paints.  The colouring part had been successful as A loved just painting the sheets and Lucas got a lot out of mixing the colours.  I was shocked that he didn’t really  know how to mix colours.   We really haven’t done enough art and craft (kicking myself).  Today was very successful too for both A and L.  A loves cutting the pieces out and gluing them on and Lucas said “At last, a piece of art I’m happy with.”  I’m not sure that the outling added anything to Anton’s work (!) but he liked to do the same as Lucas.



10- Dante goes down for his morning nap and so Lucas and I decide to carry on with the card we’re trying to make for Anton’s birthday to send to the CBeebies TV channel.  He wants to do a Pingu card so we downloaded pictures and then I got carried away with the idea of doing fluffy paint for the Arctic background (it actually rises in the microwave after you’ve painted it!) so we got busy mixing the paint (same amount of self raising flour and salt and then add water to make thick paint and colouring if you like) and experimenting.  Anton likes making snowmen pictures with it.


11 – Luc and I decide the fluffy paint is too heavy and unwieldy to make a good background but by then the kitchen is a terrible mess as I’ve also decided to rearrange the art wall which means taking down all the old pictures that Lucas and Oscar drew from about 5 years ago.  Aahhh!  I just felt that at some point room must be made for new pictures.  I’ve kept them of course but the wall that had looked like this is now empty:


The state of the kitchen is also not helped by the fact that I’m also trying to make soup for lunch.  Two soups actually (to use up the vegetables).  Oh, and homemade fishcakes for tea.   I told you I had got over ambitious.  Luc does some verbal reasoning while I wrestle with a butternut squash and try to get the message that the BBC have left on my mobile voicemail when I can’t get any reception.  That involves running round the house trying to hold the phone by various windows while Anton chases me and talks so loudly that I can’t hear even when I do get through.

11.30 – Joth and Lucas go for a run while I distract Anton who always wants to go with them.

11.45 – I find the bowl of porridge that Joth made for my breakfast.   Dante wakes up.  Lucas gets on with piano practise.

12.45 – I manage to finally serve up soup.  Dante plays with a piece of squashy sweet potato and spits out some carrot (second day of trying solid food).  I can’t decide whether to do baby led weaning or not so I typically do both and let him play with some food while spooning in more.  I realise I have left too many lumps in the carrot.

1.30 – Manage to get out of the door (1o mins late) to take Lucas to see friend from Acorns who asked him round for the first time.  I find one of the seven last free parking spaces in town and stay to buy Dante some new slippers.  Anton helps me choose them.

3- Anton and I go to toddler swimming after dropping Dante with Joth who’s going in to get Oscar.

3.30 – Anton has major tantrum over me not carrying him from the car park to the swimming pool ( 100 yrds) and shrieks that he wants to go home for the first 5 minutes.  It was very difficult to keep patient and not test whether he could swim while having a tantrum.   Luckily he did come round and he had a great swimming session.  Some of the others there can swim little bits by themselves so I think that will spur him on.  We had a chat afterwards about his tantrum and we both compromised and he walked a bit and I carried him a bit to the car.

4.45 We go to pick up Lucas from town and nip in to the Teddy bear shop as I wanted Luc to help me choose a teddy for Anton’s birthday (or at least to test to see if Anton falls for any of them).  It was shut but we looked through the window.

5 – got home strangely tired.  Joth had decided not to work this evening so he fried up the fishcakes I had made while I lay on the sofa cuddling various children.  It was lovely.

5.30 – I had a glass of wine (unusually early I might add) so everything after this time felt less important and bothersome.   We had a nice chatty tea.  Oscar is up to date with his homework and wasn’t given any more today so a relaxed evening for everyone!  Hurray!

6.30 – I have a bath with Dante and Anton.

7.30 – I feed Dante to sleeep and read my book (a non-horror Stephen King book that my brother lent me to see if I am as open minded as I would like to be.  I am!  It’s pretty good actually!)  Joth washs up.  Anton still in bath playing with dolphins.  Boys watching Youtube Warhammer videos.

8 – Boys play with rats.  I cuddle Anton to sleep.

8.25 – I fry rest of fishcakes for the freezer (another meal in the bag!)

8.30 – Should be boys bedtime but O gets second wind on piano practise and plays for 45 mins.

9.15 – boys end up watching unsuitable comedy news show with Joth.  They are usually in bed by 8.45 these days.  That’s what happens when I have a glass of wine too early.

9.30 – boys in bed.  J and I watch Reggie Perrin with crisps.  Life doesn’t get better than that.



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4 responses to “A run down

  1. OMG busy. Same sort of busy as us, I must admit, even if the middle part of the day is all in separate places!

    Is Oscar doing the Suzuki Book 4 Vivaldi? Or something different? Joe’s been battling with those for a while …

    • lindsay349

      Yes, it’s the Vivaldi A minor 1st mvt – it’s playing it from memory in the right order that is catching him out. Vivaldi is such a delight to play as a violinist though – it works so perfectly and encourages real spark and energy. He hasn’t done all Suzuki (I’ve sort of switched to it more and more while teaching him) and he did his Grade 5 and other things instead of Book 4 but I think every violinist needs to do the A minor Vivaldi, the Bach double and the A minor Bach (Book 7 – not for a while!) . I think the Suzuki repertoire is fantastic along with more modern things which I know Richard does.

  2. Jax

    wow. How much stuff do you do? I feel rather ashamed of my complete inactivity and slovenliness now.

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