More ups and downs

We’ve had several ups in the last days, some of them after initial down moments like when I was rushing to get the kids out of the door to go to the Harberton group and I dropped my contact lens down the plughole.  Joth took the sink apart to no avail so I ordered another one (1 free replacement a year) and went around with one lens in for the rest of day, which is rather befuddling but surprisingly easy to get used to when you’ve had very little sleep anyway, and then I was picking bath toys out of the bath after the boys had all had their baths and found it in the bath.  How on earth?…  It reminds me of the time when I lost one while I was camping and found it on the bottom of my foot the next morning.

Lucas enjoyed Harberton which was a nice as it was the first time he’d been without R&A (they are away) but we asked another friend who is a bit younger than Lucas.  He’s a lovely lad and brings out a different side to Lucas.  I think he enjoys being the older one for a change.  They played table tennis and Anton joined in really well too.  It was nice to be back there and see everyone again.  It makes me realise that I go back quite a way with some of them by now and of course they all wanted to know how Oscar was getting on.

So that was one up.  Other ups include a lovely sunny forest friends session with Anton and another couple of lovely art sessions with Lucas and Anton.  Today we painted haunted houses with coffee as paint thanks to this fabulous website.  It worked beautifully.  Lucas loves doing art and I’m sadly chuffed with myself that I’m actually following up on my idea of doing more art with him for once.


Our new art wall is shaping up now.  Today’s haunted house is in the top right and yesterdays wax relief gingerbread men are at the bottom (Anton’s on the right obviously!)



The Forest Friends session was just really relaxed.  I had got myself a bit uptight about doing the singing as I always feel I need to be somehow ticking all the educational boxes that I trained to do when I did my primary school Voices training.  It was full of excellent ideas and I think it’s probably the best possible way of introducing children to music as singing is music for all and they were so clever with their choice of songs and the activities.  It was all Kodaly based of course and I wish I’d been brought up with such a system.  Those lucky children in Hungary.  Anyway, I have to accept that these are younger children and I just have to do it all very differently.  I also have to accept that all the turn taking songs that I love doing (which encourages them all to join in and makes each one feel special and helps them to make the songs their own) are not possible with the numbers of children and ages we have.  Still, I decided to just do songs they enjoy (yes I know that sounds ridiculous as if I hadn’t thought of that before!) and it went really well.  I often put far more pressure on myself to get it all just right than is necessary or good for me and I think it is an example of how training can actually hinder rather than help!  (Thinking of all those people out there who asked if you are a trained teacher when they find out that you home ed.)

Sally had lit a fire in the woods and we made dampers bread dough and wrapped it around willow sticks to cook it.  It was a beautiful day and they are such a nice group of parents and Sally is so patient and calm with the kids.   She always notices when I need a hand if Dante in the sling is meaning I can’t do just what Anton needs.  Anton had a whale of a time playing hide and seek in the woods and dressing up too.  There are some tiger ears there which he always puts on.

Dante is doing well on his solid foods now.  He loves feeding himself so I’m giving him things like pieces of steamed squash, and raw pear, avacado and banana.  I’m also spoon feeding things like millet and apricot porridge to get some more nutrients in even though I think the main aim is to just let him enjoy his food as breastmilk is still his main source of nutrients.  I can’t resist trying to get more healthy stuff down him though as there seems just a tempting little window to get lovely healthy lentils and quinoa down him.

It makes me realise how important it is to me as a mum to feel I am feeding them all well.  When we are eating well (tasty and nutritious food) I am generally feeling good about my motherly duties.  I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  Putting a good meal on the table is very satisfying (albeit difficult or even impossible sometimes) and pleasing everyone including my own desire for it to be a healthy meal is no small achievement I reckon.

Oscar was on an up since the rugby (he keeps going yonderly and then saying dreamily “Rugby was such fun”) but he was a bit down about Warhammer club at school after his second visit there this lunchtime.  He says his friends are teasing him about going, particularly one friend although then he said he came to watch it.  He also said the club wasn’t that good as there was a lot of shouting and falling out and the room is very small.  Apparently the guy who runs it is really nice but he said today that there wasn’t enough room for everyone and Oscar took it to mean that he might have to leave.  That sounds horrible so I do hope he’s wrong.

We went to a sort of parents evening tonight to meet his form tutor but it wasn’t very satisfying.  She said he seems to be doing fine and he always has a smile on his face but said that she only sees them for 10mins at the beginning of each day and one lesson every fortnight.  She said no concerns have been flagged up so she didn’t know anything about whether he is managing his dyslexia alright or anything else.  I understand that each teacher only sees them once a week in a big group so I don’t think we’d get any information from anyone this early on anyway.   I’d love to be a fly on the wall but just out of curiosity really as I think Oscar is handling things brilliantly.

Dad arrived today to stay for the weekend which is lovely as we get to see him for a good length of time.  We’re all worried about Granny of course but the news is good today in that she got through her operation well and said that she thought she’d “die of boredom” in hospital.  We can’t help feeling that at 95, the day after an operation for a broken hip, that to feel bored in hospital is a good sign.



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  1. Have just realised that it was here that I saw the painted pages collage! I liked the look of it and then couldn’t find it again, and after some googling found the art projects site 🙂 Ernest and Buttercup got as far as painting a pile of pages … haven’t done anything else with them yet!

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