A family weekend

It’s the little things that are often the most lovely.  I’ve  just had the most perfect storytime with Anton.  I had just finished teaching and Joth had to go back to work so I read to Anton while I fed a contented Dante to sleep and then Anton and I crept out to his bed and finished our lovely stories and cuddles there.  He so enjoys his stories and he gets all affectionate and tonight he told me he “loved me very more.”

Dad has been reading Anton hundreds of stories while he’s been here.  He arrived on Thursday for a long weekend and we hardly let him get through the door before we had him playing a family game (Personal Preferences).  The kids just seize on any chance to play a game.  I love it that they enjoy them so much.


We had some wonderful days with dad.  Lots of games, stories, lovely meals together, fireworks, traditional bonfire cake, walks and a wonderful meal out.  My brother and his little boy came over for a day too.  It’s felt like a mini holiday.


We hadn’t tried a big fireworks display with Anton before so I made a big thing about how he would wear his special hat which would help with the big bangs.  He did seem to manage pretty well although we were very close to the fireworks and he held his ears with the louder ones.  Joth took him further away when he’d had enough but I thought he did really well.  Dante was a bit wide eyed with it all in the sling but he just fed through it and it was so lovely to be all together and be part of the fun atmosphere of the crowd.  When we got home we had curry and then bonfire cake and then went outside for sparklers before finishing off the evening by watching The Office with the boys.


On SATURDAY my brother was here…



C had changed so much since we saw him last.  Dante and C did a bit of bonding which was most entertaining to watch as they seemed to enjoy rubbing heads against each other!  C was also very entertained by Anton and Anton was really enjoying it.





After Dave had had to go we had our usual session of watching “Merlin” and ate our first roasted chestnuts of the seasons which would have been lovely but they were all bad so that was most disappointing!  Still, we loved “Merlin.”  I just love the build up too knowing we are all looking forward to it and that we’re sharing it together.  It’s much like the excitement we used to get from Christmases of old where a film was going to be on that we just couldn’t wait for.

SUNDAY started well for me with my usual Sunday lie-in.  Shame.  I used to lie in until 8 on every day of the week until school packed lunches started interfering and a school leaving time of 8 so I get up at 7 these days.  Much as I absolutely love (and wouldn’t have it any other way) sleeping with little ones, going back to sleep after Joth has taken them off in the morning is bliss.  I suddenly seem to fall in to a very different sort of refreshing sleep.

We had a great game of badminton in the morning.  It worked so well with my dad playing too.  I do think it helps to add an extra adult in to the mix!  Joth or I joined in while the other played with Anton at the side of the court.  We found a balloon for him to play balloon badminton with and it was just right for him – what a stroke of luck!  I played with Dante in the sling which was a slight handicap but I can’t say I would have moved much faster without him!  I had a couple of really fun games with Lucas.


Dad then took  us out for a really special pub lunch on Dartmoor where they have great family rooms where we had a lovely meal with enough space for us and we didn’t have to worry about disturbing other people too much.




We also managed to find a really good walk to do afterwards because I’d remember some friends telling us about a disused quarry near Haytor and I asked in the pub for good directions and we found it!  Hurray!  I feel I’d been getting used to walks that haven’t worked recently – either too long or we get lost or the children aren’t happy with their various slings/coats/shoes etc.  It was a beautiful little sheltered pool, surrounded by the old quarry with lillies on the water and just a very calm atmosphere.  We just made it back to the cars before it got dark.


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