There are several things I would like to have had with us that would have made today easier:

  • A TARDIS so I could be at Forest Friends with Anton and get Oscar’s rugby kit to him 12 miles away at the same time.  Oscar missed school yesterday so he didn’t know that he was in a rugby match so hadn’t taken his kit in.  Anton and I had to leave before the baked potatoes were ready (which had been cooking in the fire in the woods all morning) to take it in for him.  We did make lovely popcorn over the fire though as each child had a clever 2 sieve contraption so they could watch it popping while holding it over the fire.
  • A PHONE THAT WOULD WORK AFTER HAVING BEEN THROUGH THE WASHING MACHINE AND TUMBLE DRYER so that Oscar would still have a phone on him and we could contact him.  He had said he didn’t need his kit until last period of the day and I said I’d bring it in but he of little faith was panicking.
  • WELLIES THAT ACTUALLY KEPT FEET WARM, or failing that, two pairs of socks for Anton, Dante and myself.  It was freezing outside in the woods today for Forest Friends and really muddy.  It was raining too but it was the wind chill that really got to us.  The singing went well though inside the bell tent with the little woodburner and they had lit a lovely fire outside (not sure how in the rain) for the popcorn and baked potatoes.  They also had a storyteller there but we missed that bit too.  Bother.
  • A WATERPROOF COAT FOR ME WITH A WORKING ZIP.  I bust it when I was 9 months pregnant thinking that I could get away with not having to buy a new coat.  Now I have to buy a new coat.
  • A VAN THAT WOULD FIT 7 PEOPLE IN THAT IS AS NARROW AS A MOTORBIKE so I could get out of the Acorns car park in time to get home to teach.  Everyone has to park in front of each other in the driveway so it’s impossible to get out.  After driving over to the school we went home to dry out and then I had to don the wellies again and set off back to the woods again for an Acorns meeting.  After that I squeezed out of the car park,  took Luc at his tutor and rushed home to teach leaving Joth to take R&A home, go and collect Oscar from rugby, pick Lucas up from tutor, drop Oscar off at the house and take Lucas to swimming.  Joth then played soft tennis with Anton and looked after Dante while Luc was swimming and I was teaching.   Phew!

Other than that I didn’t need anything else today.

My favourite bit of the day had to be bathing Dante.  Anton had gone to play at P’s house so it was just me and him in the bath.  I was still running the water while we were sitting in the bath, slowly heating up as I was still thawing out from the morning and it was only when I turned the taps off that it suddenly felt really peaceful and I realised we hadn’t had a quiet moment all day.  I just started whispering in Dante’s ear and he loved it.  He was nuzzling against me as a dog might, just loving the contact.  It made me think about how much you are building their self esteem even at this early stage.  They know when you are enjoying them and he’s always ready to catch my eye and smile.  He’s such a lovely little chap with his beautiful dark eyes and perfect chubbiness.

Anton and I had another lovely story time and then I made Oscar and Lucas some hot chocolate while we watched “The Apprentice.”  I felt they’d both had hectic days and Oscar had worked really hard at his homework until 8.30 after getting back late from rugby.  It was a lovely way to end the day.

(By the way, Oscar’s phone has started working again so we do own a phone that can be washed and dried after all!)



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2 responses to “inventions

  1. Well I’m glad one of your wishes came true!

    As for warm wellies – you have to spend a bit (natch) but neoprene-lined ones are fantastic. I’ve got a pair of Muck boots and haven’t had cold feet since. Can’t bring myself to splash out on them for children with growing feet, but they do do them in small sizes too 🙂

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