Separate Sunday

Joth and the older boys went off to a day workshop today with the Eyeshine group that they went camping with in the summer.  I was glad they were going to have a special day together but I was feeling a bit sorry that we weren’t going to have any family time together before we started another week.  Joth has been working every evening too recently and all of yesterday (Saturday).

Still, Anton, Dante and I did have a lovely day.  We made more pumpkin pies including mini lunchbox ones, as we had lots of pumpkin left over.  We had a Montessori moment and Anton was pouring out the mixture beautifully.  However, I hadn’t thought about the effect any split mixture might have on the ease of getting the pies out of the tins.  Hmmm, that makes: 40 mins preparation, 10 minutes cooking, 40 mins scrubbing burnt tins and 5 seconds to eat each pie.


And then there was more child labour as he chopped apples for the apple sauce as we were having a pork roast when they all came home.


So we moved on to our Steiner moment and went out for a walk to collect “nature” bits.   Anton took his hobby horse and in doing so ensured it’s keep.  I had been about to give it away as none of the boys had showed any interest in it and it only seems to trip people up.  He galloped around the arboretum and made all the right excited noises about different coloured leaves and conkers.  We had a little picnic (which featured the warm, scraped off the tins, pumpkin pies) and it was all very lovely.  He also loved making a little display when we came home.



In fact, I’ve had several creative and interesting moments with Anton this week.  He’s been showing an interest in letters so I’ve showed him a few in the Jolly Phonics book.  He absolutely loves it.  He loves doing his tiny bit of piano too.  Jill still gives him two minutes at the end of the boys lessons.  He made this lovely dragon with very little help from yours truly.



Lucas is making a dragon too which is rather more complicated.   It’s one of those Canon paper craft thing.  I’m pretty impressed with the product so far.  It’s does actually fit together (me of little faith).   They are doing dragon projects at Acorns and he wanted to do something at home too.  I’ll post a picture when it’s finished.  Several more hours work in it yet.


Anyway, the older boys came back from their workshop having had a pretty good but tiring day.  Joth says Lucas had got tearful at saying goodbye to one of the organisers (a lad of 19) as it had all meant so much to him.  Oscar was on the verge on not wanting to join in with some of the activities (age wise) so Joth’s so glad they all went last summer.  We’re determined to get camping this next summer somehow as we don’t know how many summer’s Oscar will want to join us for.  As it is he’s very excited about the thought that we could go camping in dads double decker bus!

I think Joth very much enjoyed meeting with other families and being on his own with the boys there.  He really enters in to it all. I wish we could arrange for him to work less and do more with the children.  We always wanted that balance and sharing of the home ed.  Still, can’t complain.  We’re lucky to be able to do it at all.


Anton also took a photo of me today.  I do love carrying Dante in this sling.  He’s so utterly content in it and it’s just like cuddling him.



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