A Sprout too far

Will he?  Won’t he?  Would you eat this?


I’m not sure you should be entitled to know what’s in it before you make your decision (assuming you haven’t already) as Dante isn’t privy to that information but there is nothing but the best ingredients in here for growing little people – buckwheat pasta with pumpkin, mushroom, onion and garlic.  Oh, and alfalfa sprout.  It was all going swimmingly until the alfalfa (I was tasting as I went).  It was just sitting there in the fridge saying “Just slip a bit of me in and he won’t even notice and it will make you feel like a wonderful parent.”   Luckily it took him a whole dollops worth to decide he didn’t really like it after all.  He usually eats two enormous dollops.   He doesn’t half love his food, when I don’t get carried away with the sprouts that is.


Luckily we have had some better culinary moments this week.  Lucas had the urge to make a sponge cake with white chocolate icing and it was very good.  I love having a cake to welcome Oscar home after school.




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