Silver Clouds

Thank goodness for photos.  When I look back on these from this week I also see that we do manage to fit good things in even if I am busier thinking of all the things I haven’t managed to do…


Lucas finished his dragon project to take in to Acorns.  He and I have the burns from the hot air gun to prove we did it!


Even though it’s very difficult getting Anton out of the door in the cold simply because he takes several hours to decide which glove/hat combo to wear (in this case two hats) Anton and I made it to Forest Friends on Tuesday.  We were one of only three families to make it in the freezing cold.  Gosh did I feel proud of myself cavorting in the woods making pancakes over the open fire with baby in tow in the bitter cold.  And it was fun!  I felt worthy all day!


Oscar often gets bitten by the practise bug.  Often at the “wrong” time (in this case bed time).


They even made the most of the pathetic amount of snow that we had this week, rushing outside to “play snowballs!”

Other lovely things happened this week that I didn’t get to photo.

  • Nick Sharratt (the children’s author/illustrator) dropped in to read stories to Anton’s toddler and play group. He drew little pictures for the children and was utterly charming.
  • On Wednesday we had a lovely Winter Fayre at Harberton.  Lots of people brought crafts in and the children ran stalls selling their wares for tokens.  There was just such a lovely atmosphere and Lucas and Anton had a great time.
  • The boys took part in the Tutti and Cameratini concert at St.Marys on Saturday.  Oscar has become recently reluctant to do concerts with the group, simply because he feels it takes up more of his precious time but he always gets a buzz from doing it.  Lucas broke his shoulder rest and was so devastated (because he was so looking forward to playing) that one of the other lovely children gave him her shoulder rest.  He thought it was a spare one but she was doing without!   We’ll track her down with a present I think.

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  1. That’s why photo’s and a blog are so important (for me); to remind me of the nice/good/fun things when I don’t feel like we have done much/enough 😀

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