Easy meals for carnival

Just submitting a post for an easy kids meal that all the family enjoy  to link to this carnival.  I’m hoping I might get a few ideas out of it.

Easier said than done however as I find the healthiest meals need a bit of preparation but last night we had corn TACOS (the ones you just heat up in the oven) with mince that I make in bulk and freeze and trot out for shepards pies, lasagnes, bolognase (but the only meal everyone likes with it is tacos).  Then I just plonk the tacos and mince on the the table with things like grated cheese, avacado, tomatoes and crispy lettuce.  Husband and I have hot pepper sauce on it too (and bean sprouts but the kids turn up their noses).

For the mince I blitz onion and garlic in the magimix (so small they can’t tell what it is!), then fry it with the mince in olive oil, then blitz carrots, mushrooms in the magimix too so that it is in tiny bits like the mince (and will be undetectable).  I use roughly the same amount of veg to meat.  Then I add veg to meat with red wine (yep!) and enough jars of passata to cover so it can simmer away for a while.  Add a bit of stock if necessary but I prefer to use more passata.  You can add spices and herbs if you want.  It doesn’t take long to prepare using the food processor and that feeling of having it bagged up in the freezer is wonderful!

Oh also, CREAM CHEESE, APPLE AND TOMATO SOUP  is a winner in our house.  Add 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic (if you want), 4 chopped apples (can peel if you want absolutely smooth soup) and a jar of passata to 1 litre stock and simmer.  Blitz with small pot cream cheese.

Also, FISH WITH PESTO TOPPING.  Frozen fillets of fish (defrosted) with pesto on top (I also sneak in some blitzed spinach or kale), then cheddar and breadcrumbs.  Single cream or milk round base of fish to keep it moist and end up with a bit of sauce.  In moderate oven for about 15 mins.  I keep mounds of grated cheddar and breadcrumbs in freezer ready for dishes like this so they are instant.

Looking forward to getting other ideas….!

Cherished By Me posts her chicken wraps recipe.

Jax at Making It Up posts her pizza recipe.

Not so single mum at Diary of a (not so) single mum posts her chicken and stuffing nuggets recipe.

Cass at Frugal Family posts her Yorkshire puddings recipe.

Jen at Table for Eight posts her fishcakes recipe.

Ella at Notes From Home posts herfried rice recipe.



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5 responses to “Easy meals for carnival

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  3. My children love tacos, they are delicious and they love being able to put them together, they always eat better when they make things themselves!

    Thanks for joining in the carnival x

  4. Mmmm, I haven’t blitzed vegetables for years but perhaps I should start doing it again. I’m definitely going to try the soup too, I like soup. Thanks.

  5. Jax

    Think I might have to give these a try – the self assembly aspect might mean I get to sneak them past fussy eaters 🙂

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