Crafty Catch Up

The snow arrrived on the last day of term (the day after Oscar’s birthday) so the kids have been really enjoying that. Anton takes hours to decide which gloves and hat combo he is wearing but once he’s out he’s been having a whale of a time too and Dante sits for ages at the window watching them and banging on the window with enthusiasm.



The only Christmas craft Oscar came home with from school was this:


It’s a bit of a change compared to the emphasis they put on craft at Acorns. This was the beautiful lantern Lucas made there:


They also made beeswax candles there for him to give as presents.

Oscar got busy on the sewing machine though which he loves to do, and made a couple of presents for Granny and Anton (scented, stuffed Christmas tree decorations).


Lucas and Anton made Xmas trees for their gnomes:




And we went out for our traditional trip to buy a new ornament each. Oscar often just grabs the first one he sees so I think he can make one next year instead! but the others like choosing.


Anton even had a meeting with Father Christmas there which was the most pleasurable meeting yet. Santa had a little hut at the back of the Christmas shop at the Dartington Cider Press and it was free, with no queue and they gave you traditional sweets and a balloon! Santa was also lovely to him and took his time and really looked the part. I had been thinking of giving up on the whole meeting Santa thing as at best it was usually a disappointment and at worst risked loosing some of the magic of it all.


When we got home they enjoyed curling up on the sofa. Oscar is never far away from a Warhammer book.




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  1. That looks like a snazzy sewing machine!

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