Christmas Eve

Lots of traditional goings on here:

Here Joth is reading the beautiful Christmas book that Tara gave us that we read every year.


Happiness is a lovely meal (Fish on Christmas Eve)




Dante is in the highchair that Joth used too.


Christmas cuddles all round




And the now traditional trip to the local Christingle service. It was a lovely walk through the snow with Joth and all the boys but it took us so long that we only just made it so the church was full and we had to sit in the hall with video relay. Not quite the atmosphere we were after but we sneaked in to the choir stalls later. Oscar had had to be slightly persuaded to come but surprisingly he said “I’m glad I came.” I think it just feels such a unique experience for my heathen children. They also enjoyed bombing the road with snowballs all the way home. Anton did really well to walk both ways (over a mile I think) but he was spurred on by being told about the sweets on the christingle! A mile of walking is well worth 2 raisins and 4 dolly mixtures in my book!

We had hot chocolate and donoughts back at Granny’s. Thumbs up for that new tradition! Then we read the Night before Christmas (not very successfully this time I must admit) and put the mince pies and carrots out. I forgot about them later but luckily Father Christmas really did come and eat them and write a thank you letter.


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