The End of Christmas Day

I have just been putting Anton to bed at the end of a lovely Christmas day. We had such a lovely play with Billy, his new handmade doll, which I bought from this lovely lady. Isn’t he gorgeous! I like to think he looks a little bit like Anton too.


I was doing Billy’s voice and Anton was having such a lovely time chatting away to him, occasionally doing Billy’s voice instead of me. I have been reading about the importance of dolls in early play. I also feel that he is getting all the rough and tumble play he could wish for from the boys and he has swords and train sets but there is this small window for encouraging a more rounded view! His other main present was this lovely felt playmat that I bought with the money Brian and Sita had given him for the gnomes he has made to play on.


When we get home I plan to really focus on a few special toys (of which this new doll is one) and a few books and make sure the things he really plays with are available to him (and include a few charity shops or ebay sells if necessary). I sometimes think the more special lovely things get lost in the noise otherwise. Keeping up with where they “are at” agewise necessitates such an exhausting, continual reorganisation project so I want to be more ruthless this time.

Anyway, after I had tiptoed out of Anton’s room I went in to give the older two a Christmas cuddle but Luc was asleep. Oscar budged over though and gave me a tearful cuddle saying that he felt sad that Christmas was over for another year and that he felt he hadn’t made the most of it all. He was annoyed that he’d been making Warhammer all day and not doing more. I asked what he wanted to have done instead but he didn’t know. I also thought it was coming from things I say to him, such as “You’re not making the most of your time”. I feel like saying “But I didn’t mean Christmas Day!” It’s always sad that enjoying things is tinged like that. I remember the feeling well. He also started saying that he didn’t want to go back to school. He wasn’t saying it in a dramatic way, just in a “I love my holidays” sort of way but it still tugs the heart strings. More on the school stuff in another post… I didn’t try and say too much or tell him things he already knows like “But think of all the good things,” or “You don’t need to go to school” as it’s so tedious when people tell you things you already know. I just thought he wanted me to listen to him and cuddle him. His shoulders still feel young and slight but he’s growing up and I can’t just cheer him up all the time. Long may he talk to us about things though I hope.

Today though was lovely. I think we are very lucky in that the kids get excited but never over excited. Anton woke at 6.45 and we had to wake Oscar and Lucas so they could crawl in to the big bed to open stockings together.


Stockings are my favourite time of the time. They’ve always had big stockings (which I made) because I remember having stockings I could climb inside (when I was little admittedly!) and the best moment of my day was that moment when I stretched out in the morning and touched the bulging stocking with my toes and felt that stomach churning thrill of anticipation of the day to come. I also like shopping for stocking presents and trying to be clever with not much money. I’ve become increasingly resistant to buying plastic toys (both from a green perspective and the lack of longetivity as far as play value goes) so that cuts out bulky things but I still feel OK about buying second hand things on ebay. Then you also have the added thrill of wondering if they will work or not. Like the time when I bought the complete Star Wars for £3.99. In Chinese.

Still this time I bought ice cream sundae glasses and special stainless steel straws with scoops on (hard to get hold of but they had some at a friends once and talked about them afterwards), a DVD each for 99p on ebay (family films to watch all together as we did last year), t-light holders from the Steiner fair, a “Where’s Wally” poster for the older boys wall and some chocolate. Oscar got an electric fly swatter (because ours broke and he likes it), and Lucas got a book on drawing buildings (as he says he wants to be an architect at the moment). They also got things they needed anyway like goggles, slippers and a lunchbox. Anton got some of the above things, some clockwork horses (I always seem to try buying clockwork things so they can race them and they never work) a junior bouncy sit on thing, a book and a small wooden broom which is the right size for him so he can help sweep up better! And he was pleased – it’s such a great age!

We managed to delay the kids with a quick breakfast before sharing main presents. Again it was very civilised with the kids handing out the presents they were giving too and everything went down really well.



We couldn’t even get Dante interested in opening the one present he did get (a tray from Tara as all the boys have the same!) so I’m glad I didn’t buy more out of guilt. Plenty of time for presents!


The boys were so pleased with their Warhammer that they rushed off to make their models with Sita coming up trumps again and letting them have an enormous table upstairs in their room to cut out and glue on.


We shared such a delicious lunch together and everyone was in high spirits with crackers and jokes and a £10 lottery win for Brian. It all couldn’t have been better.





Various naps were had in the afternoon although I really should have galvanised myself to get the little ones out as Anton could have done with some fresh air. Still, he enjoyed watching the Gruffalo and then we all watched Doctor Who. A G&T rounded the day off nicely for me and I’ve just finished the Tescos shop online so we will have some food arriving on our return home.



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2 responses to “The End of Christmas Day

  1. Oh Gosh, what a special treat to see Billy in real life! I can’t tell you how much this is making me smile!!! What an incredibly special experience seeing something I’ve made bringing such joy! I think you’re right I think he does look like Anton. So delighted. You have a lovely blog and family by the way. love and hugs Laura x

  2. Looks & sounds like a lovely Christmas, thanks for sharing 🙂

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