In which Dante Meets (Eats) an Indoor Firework

Yes, it gets worse. And I thought the jaffa cake was bad enough. He has now eaten Potassium nitrate, Charcoal and Sulphur, and anything else nasty that makes up a “Disco Inferno” tablet that you set fire to and call an indoor firework. A “Dante’s Inferno” indeed! It was a very small pill but NHS direct still advised (once they had joined me in Googling it) that I should take him in to A&E just in case. I ummed and ahhed as he seemed absolutely fine and I was thinking about all those bugs that we might bring home from A&E and we ummed and ahhed long enough not to go in the end but just kept a very guilty and watchful (albeit a bit late) eye on him. It’s now two days later and he’s still OK so I can only assume he’s come through. David suspects he may have other side effects that may manifest themselves as superpowers later though.


I can’t quite say the indoor fireworks were worth that sort of hassle and worry but they were fun at the time and rounded off a very nice Christmassy meal with my family.





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3 responses to “In which Dante Meets (Eats) an Indoor Firework

  1. Argh! Not laughing at all, honest 😉 Blooming babies 🙂

    Love the cake 🙂

  2. lindsay349

    Blooming babies indeed!
    Yes, the boys made the fimo decorations. Not sure why there is a nativity scene in the snow with Santa and some snowmen but it seemed a good idea at the time…

  3. lindsay349

    Not sure why I had to add that the boys made the decorations. As if it wasn’t obvious?!!

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