Instincts – the little kids

Anton hasn’t been well today. Poor lamb. He’s had a temperature and he was sick this afternoon. He has had next to nothing to eat and has been very quiet but has still had moments of surprising cheerfulness. Kids are amazing. They just don’t hang around feeling sorry for themselves when there is life to be lived.

I’ve found myself appreciating my children even more than usual recently. I feel I’m taking time to notice the little things. Dante has been blossoming, laughing and dancing. I’m feeling I’m enjoying every second of his babyhood which is a good job as he won’t be a baby for much longer. He seems in more of a hurry to get on his feet than any of the others were.

I think I have felt more able to enjoy Anton and Dante because I have felt more confident as a parent. I also know how quickly the time flies so I don’t let “phases” of difficult bits get me down so much and there are no dragging “boring” afternoons in as whatever else it may be with everyone (chaotic?) it’s certainly not boring! (Awful as it is to admit that occasionally too many rainy afternoons in with little ones can be rather mind numbing).

Anton is such a bundle of fun and joy. He’s very in to his Hairy McLairy and Slinky Malinki books, still likes packing his bags and watching Charlie and Lola.


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