And then there were none…

And now we’ve all been ill. Friday was the worst day for me and Oscar took the day off school although he seemed to perk up pretty quickly. He’s learning that he feels worse in the morning than he might do later and I’m also having to learn to be a bit more tough with someone who never has cried off anything before. Which brings me on to …football. He’s still looking bunged up and peaky today (Sunday) so although he’ll be going in tomorrow (unless he gets worse) I don’t think he should play football (unless he feels up to it which he may well decide he does) so I write a letter I presume and he goes to the library or something instead. Wrong. I write a letter and then the games teacher decides whether to ignore it or not and if he/she decide they do agree Oscar isn’t up to football then Oscar has to sit outside on the bench and write down what is happening in the game. !!*****!! Well there is something that has got even worse than when I was at school. We really have gone backwards.

I have several issues with this one. Firstly I don’t think the school should overrule the child’s wishes but hey, this is school, so I will change that to I don’t think they should overrule the parent’s wishes. Secondly, whatever happened to assuming that the children might actually not want to be missing sport? (and if they do then having a good long look at the selection of sport on offer – but heh, I’ve wandered off in to my dream world again.) Thirdly, surely they are shooting themselves in the foot as parents might just keep a slightly run down child at home for a whole day rather than risk them sitting around in freezing temperatures. I don’t molly coddle him but I don’t torture him either. In fact, I try to treat him as a human being and respect the fact that he is learning what his limits are and what he’s up to doing. Now there’s a novel idea.


Any thoughts on this? I just wondered if other schools have different policies or if this is the norm now? (If there is anyone out there still reading this – must finish off that back log of draft posts …)



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9 responses to “And then there were none…

  1. I would be annoyed if I wrote a letter and school ignored me. Mostly my letters go like this ‘he thinks he’s ill, I’m not sure, please can you decide at lunchtime’, and generally they’re pretty good.

    • lindsay349

      It’s always so tricky to tell how they will feel later so I can see why you say that. I can see that I’m getting annoyed with how the school have dealt with it before it’s even happened so I shall assume the best until then!

  2. Ugh, yeah that would really annoy me. I guess their argument is that the child needs to be supervised? But making them sit outside is stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that position with Violet – think the only time she couldn’t do PE was swimming, and in that case (seeing as there’s usually at least one in the class who can’t swim each week!) the teacher gets them to help on the side, fetching and carrying etc.

    Worth getting touch with the head of year/whoever?

  3. lindsay349

    I was hoping you two school experts would answer – thanks!!

    I suppose I always err on the side of deciding that he knows how he feels best (he can always not hand my letter in if he’s well enough) but hate the idea of a child who is keen on sport being made to do it when he doesn’t feel like it. It just feels like they are assuming the worst which brings out the worst in the end surely?
    I thought about supervision but then surely they wander around during lunchbreaks and go where they will, is it different during a lesson even if they are on their own? Is it to do with worrying about what they will get up to? Or worrying for their safety? Surely there’s a corner of the library or a desk in an unused room somewhere where they could go and read or do work etc.
    Gosh it feels like a reminder of what a different world it is to me. (But that’s all in another post!)

  4. lindsay349

    UPDATE. So he handed a note in and said he’d been sick at the weekend and the teacher had said “What’s that got to do with now?” and Oscar had to referee the match.

  5. Mags

    At DS’ school (we used to HE!) they have to stand outside and ‘referee’ if they have a letter excusing them from sport!

    Infuriating, heh?

    Love your blog, by the way!


  6. lindsay349

    Thanks Mags!
    And yes it is infuriating, and yes Sarah, I think it stinks too. I don’t really know whether to make my feelings known on it. I suppose we are still feeling our way and I want to pick the right battles!

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