Halfway through half term

So Dante has another tummy bug. I’ve spent today in the sort of foggy state you can only be in if you’ve spent most of the night changing sheets/nappies and sleeping on towels. I managed to just accept that I wasn’t on top form and not fight it though so we had a sort of calm day. Dante threw up his rice cake breakfast but has managed to keep down a couple of rice cakes since and his feeds. He’s still off colour though with a bit of a temperature and he’s making a valiant effort to stay cheerful but has just wanted to be carried. So this afternoon seeing as an afternoon nap didn’t seem to be achievable for the three of us all at the same time Anton, I and Dante went to find some sticks, stones and sunshine by the river.

Sometimes I feel I am in a bit of a hopeless state with never being able to finish sentences or think a coherant thought with these little ones around but then there are plenty of times where I feel that making up nonsense rhymes and answering endless toddler questions is really just where I’m at. I love the ernest way in which Anton talks to me. He says “Yes mum” in such an endearing, emphatic way as if my ideas are brilliant and he is so up for everything we do together. I loved pottering along beside the river at Longmarsh and knowing that sunshine and sticks and stones were all he needed to make sure he had a wonderful afternoon. He is such easy company. He rode his balance bike all the way along Longmarsh to the little beach at the end and we spent a good companiable hour there before riding back to the pirate ship.

I even made up a story for him on our walk. At least I tried. You see I’ve read a book on making up stories with your children that was rather inspiring. There seem to be so many lovely things I haven’t done with my children yet that I keep reading books about. I’ll either have to keep having more children or aim for being a wonderful great granny. Anyway, Anton hasn’t read the same book that I have and keeps interfering with my creative process. He doesn’t like it when the character is called anything else except Anton and he loses interest the second that I introduce pixies or elves in to the mix. I’ve noticed that before when recently I bought some books from a second hand home ed seller that the Steiner movement recommend and although he is usually interested in every single other book he’s ever seen he has shut a couple of these pixie type books immediately after the first page and got a different one out! Most odd.

I love spending time with the different age groups separately. Oscar and Lucas had a school friend of Oscars over for a sleepover last night so they were happily ensconsed in the outhouse all day today. Joth cleared it out last Sunday so they have got two big tables for their Warhammer and want to get really stuck in to making scenery for their battlefield. So far they have bought a couple of bits and pieces.  They are really enjoying using that space though and they managed to get the friend in to playing Space Hulk (strategy board game) – 4 times this morning alone apparently! I can’t help hoping that if he gets in to Space Hulk and Warhammer it might help Oscar when he gets teased about Warhammer at school.


They have been busking a couple of times this half term to raise funds for their Warhammer but other than that we haven’t done a lot.


We also had a hot chocolate after busking. With cream. And we sat in the new play area in the centre of town which they have done beautifully with an open grassy area, wildlife pond area and fallen tree for climbing.

We have a board that we are writing down our ideas for things we want to do in half term but when we tried our first trip on Monday of swimming at Kingsbridge it was so busy that they wouldn’t let us in. Yet another reminder of why we home edded for so long. It’s put us off trying ice skating or China Blue. So our first outing turned in to a car drive to Kingsbridge and back but funnily enough we all had a good laugh and ended up with going round Sommerfield together and each buying one treat (yes all roads lead to food.) We haven’t had as much fun as that all 6 of us for rather a long time. Funny how that can happen. Spirits were high when we got home and made a white hot chocolate (another thing to tick off the list).

Joth is trying to work most of the time but we are doing some trips out and I’m working on Friday. I did want Oscar to be able to spend quite a bit of time at home though just relaxing and I also wanted to do a bit of catching up with some crucial things but really there is no more free time for me during half term of course than there usually is. Not teaching just means that Joth uses that time to work and there is no less clearing up and cooking than usual of course. Still, somehow I have managed to sort out an index of all the songs I know for Forest School.

I am loving seeing the kids have more relaxed time and I love them being able to stay up a bit later. We’ve played Labyrinth and watched Sherlock Holmes and some awful Dragonquest film that I just recorded on a whim. It was unbearable drivel but Joth is so determined to enjoy himself sometimes that he won’t hear any criticism against it. The boys were squealing with laughter at him trying to defend the film.


(Lucas usually joins in with Anton’s stories or reads his own cuddled up with us).


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