Music to my Ears

Anton loves me singing! What a joyous thing! This has to be worth recording. Not that the other boys didn’t, although I do remember Oscar asking me to stop singing him lullabies because “I’m trying to sleep mummy.”

I sing in the car (as ever) and instead of reaching for the radio as Joth does (quite unconsciously he would say) Anton just asks me to sing it louder! His favourite songs are the wiggledy song about the tadpole, Five Little Monkeys and ‘Twas on a Monday morning When I beheld my Darlin’ because the line at the end puzzles him: “She stole my heart away.” “Why did she steal it?” says a puzzled Anton.

It must be quite a sight (and a sound) when we’re in the van when he’s right at the back and I’m singing away as loudly as I can over the noisy engine and he’s craning to hear and shouting “Louder mumma!”

And yes he calls me mumma at the moment. Not sure why or where that’s come from but it’s very cute. But then he sounds very cute whatever he says. He still is in the lovely habit of saying “You love me and my love you.” He always says “My” in places where he should say “I”.

Anton is very easy in group situations – chatting happily and making friends easily. We went to Harberton yesterday which had a lovely gentle buzz to it. The kids were playing together so well and there were new interesting adults (or partners I hadn’t yet met) to chat to for me and Anton made a new little friend (which was a little girl but he said “He’s my best friend” as everyone is a “he” in our house I suppose!) He is able to say things he doesn’t like in a game (if he gets grabbed or hurt for instance) so he doesn’t bottle things up but then he also goes with the flow too and is easy going. I also so appreciate (all over again) the chance we get as home educators to be there when something makes them uncomfortable or when they need support with a game, and also knowing the other parents. It very much feels the most natural way for it to be. There were 7 in my little singing group too which seems to be going well. I’m going to look up some cooperative games to play next time as I think it is the coming together as a little group for little ones that they like as much as the singing.


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