Dante’s birthday

For most of today I thought I’d blown it. “Why do I take so much on?” I kept asking myself. “Will I never learn?”

Why did I decide that I could offer a last minute run through to a pupil just about to do his exam on the day when we had 12 coming for a birthday tea? Why did I think that it was possible to say I could attend a committee meeting too on that day? These days with a big family and Dante being still so little and unpredictable I simply can’t do everything I want to be able to do and yet I can’t seem to do less or say no to things.

Luckily Dante had a huge nap in the morning and Lucas was on top (as usual) form and really helped me with making the cake and the bread dough. Hickory Dickory Dock cakes have become something of a tradition and Lucas thought of the sugar mice for this one.



It turned in to a lovely party and all the food went down really well and I’m glad I kept it fairly simple.



He does try to blow candles!

Dante took no interest in his presents! but I know he will love them all soon enough as he had some lovely things.


The train Oscar made for him at school.


The Wooden Excavator from Grandad.


The Trunki suitcase Uncle D bought for him (which we had to prise away from Anton!)


The truck from B and S

We loved seeing our friends and had some really great chats that gave me plenty of food for thought. After they’d gone we all curled up on the sofa together to watch some old camcorder videos from 2001/2 which I have just paid £100 to have transcribed to DVD. We haven’t watched them since that camcorder broke several years ago and L and O have never seen them. We had to tell Anton that baby Lucas was him as he was getting upset that he wasn’t on it so the plan is that we won’t watch it again for sometime so that he doesn’t get confused! Luckily Lucas does look very like him.

I loved watching them. Life seemed simpler then but then watching things on video does that. It was our Liverpool house and everything looked very much clearer, cleaner and altogether more straightforward. Of course I didn’t get the video out on messy days, or days that weren’t going right but still, it felt obvious that I was still at a stage where I was making a better job of meeting needs. Now it’s just a case of he who shouts loudest really.


So, our youngest is one whole year old. He’ll soon be a little toddler which I find difficult to believe. He is such a joy. He’s learnt to kiss because I simply cannot stop squidging him and kissing him and he tries to copy me. Anton knows when I’m finding them too lovely for words. He looks at me looking at him and says “You love me mum.” Today was different though. I’m not sure where he got it from but he kept saying “You look lovely in that jumper mum.” I didn’t but he is learning to flatter convincingly. I have high hopes for Anton the man.




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2 responses to “Dante’s birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to Dante 🙂
    Lovely photos!

  2. 😀
    Happy Birthday!
    Beautiful boys!!

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