We’ve just had the most fabulous time camping in our “new” (new to us)trailer tent. True we had the odd hiccup, starting with getting the trailer off our deeply sloping drive. We had to winch it off but we learnt and it will be easier next time. Then when we arrived (which wasn’t until 5.30pm) we were pleased to be able to get the camper up and sorted, most chuffed to get the awning added (despite it not lining up with the instructions) and then most put out to be faced with 4 hungry children and a gas stove that refused to play ball. I had spent the morning making a huge chicken curry with all the trimmings so we had to call on our new neighbours (one of those families that manage to look tidy while camping) to ask if we could heat it up on their incredible range gas barbeque that’s bigger than my cooker at home. We knew it would be something simple that was wrong and indeed in the morning the chap from the campsite kindly dropped in and showed us how to turn on the gas tap! Hurray! After that we had running water, gas hob, mattresses, carpeted floor off the ground, a cosy table for evening cards and electric lamps. What more do you need? It actually suited us perfectly and I can see us having many a trip in it. We can leave two of the three big beds up with all their bedding on and the last bed takes seconds to convert from a table. I’m already getting excited about our next trip.

I have often found camping quite stressful in the past because of the sheer amount of packing and organising but I think recently I have found home more stressful for similar reasons! so I found coming away really refreshing. I think it is that once we were there there was so much less to keep organised and tidy and of course having Joth around all the time halves the work load. Actually it’s funny how traditional our roles become when camping – he said he really enjoys sorting the trailer and all the lugging around that goes with it and I’m only too grateful not to be doing that and banging saucepans instead. And true to form I didn’t even find out where the bins went.




Hopscotch on the beach at St.Mawes

We even stayed 3 nights in the end instead of the 2 planned. We were at Tretham Mill on the Roseland Penninsula. The weather was a bit cloudy on the first full day with odd showers but we went in to St.Mawes and pottered around. In one of those unplanned holiday happenings the boys both picked up books they really wanted to read whilst browsing in a tourist shop and Oscar in particular was lost in a book for the rest of the holiday. He’s already put in an order for 2 more books. I love it when he gets stuck in to reading.

Oscar read here


and here


and here


on this beach


and this beach


at this lovely fish and chips meal we had


and even while we went for a walk!


Both boys were at it, even reading the same book together (“Sorcerers and Spells”, one I loved when I was younger)




Lucas helping Anton to do his holiday sticker book.

But however we did do lots of other lovely things. Joth showed the boys how to combine Kung Fu and swingball


We played some great and very funny card games


Went on a lovely walk to Portscatho



And walked to a beautiful beach





And no, it wasn’t that warm!


Had a lovely fish and chips meal out


but it was all quite exhausting



It’s been such a lovely few days. I feel far more relaxed and less on edge than I’ve felt for some time and I’m aware of just trying to hold on to it as we plunge in to another term.






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4 responses to “Camping

  1. We have a camper like that – it’s great. Though we don’t have enough time to go away with it these days so are toying with selling it 😦

    • lindsay349

      Ah yes, I’m just so hoping that we get enough good weather that coincides with our precious days off so that we can use it lots. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hello,
    I am hosting a “day in the life of a home educator” carnival next week on my blog; it would be lovely if you would consider joining in 🙂


    • lindsay349

      Ah thanks Merry. I had spotted that and thought I would give it a go – just will try to find a good day! (or a bad day or any sort of day when I can remember to take pictures!) It sounds a lovely idea so I look forward to seeing the entries. x

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