Fossils and Forests

We’ve had some truly lovely home ed days recently.


Last Friday we took the chance to go to Charmouth for a fossil talk and hunt on the beach there. We haven’t done a home ed outing for ages. It’s easy to just be too busy but I miss doing outings with groups. I like to see the gaggle of different ages and the interest the children generally seem to show. Lucas was very keen to do this one so I dutifully hired a hammer and goggles so we could attack!


It had taken us about an hour and a half to drive to Charmouth and the timings didn’t quite work out for the little ones who were awake all the way there and back and then slept on the beach! Bother! Still, it meant I could help Lucas find some fossils and luckily Lucas did find an imprint of an Ammonite and some Belemnites. I have a feeling there would be more to find on another beach that didn’t have the centre there. Anton then woke in a grump (as he often does if he sleeps in the day) and protested loudly while I dragged the buggy back along the pebbly beach again. Luckily an ice cream cheered him up and all was sunny again. It was a lovely day and we returned home tired and happy.


I managed to find a second wind when some old home educating friends came over that evening.

We had a lovely day on Tuesday too when Anton, Dante and I went to Forest Friends. Singing was nice and Anton was in his element playing in the woods. There was an old football in the pond which a couple of them had decided was a dinosaur egg and even when they dragged it out they decided that the dinosaur must be hiding in the woods somewhere. There was much excitement and dinosaur hunting. We also made dandelion fritters over the open fire (dandelions dipped in the batter they had made and placed on a hot griddle like a lollipop!) which were surprisingly tasty, planted sunflowers and dressed up. Lucas came in to the woods in the middle and painted Anton’s face like a tiger. The Herald are running a story on the school so these are a couple of their photos:

Harberton was lovely too yesterday with Anton playing happily with the other kids and Dante loving the sunshine while I had really nice chats with such interesting people. It feels like there are new friends everywhere! I feel so lucky to be able to have such a sociable time! I have friends from orchestral work, quartet, violin teaching (parents), home ed older ones, home ed younger ones, Acorns, toddler group, neighbours.. it feels like a very small world sometimes filled with lovely, lovely people!


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