A bit of a home ed day in pictures

I’ve been wanting to do a home ed day in pictures for ages but can’t seem to find a day that we are at home long enough and then even when we have I can’t seem to remember to take any pictures.  This will have to do for now.


Call this breakfast?


Writing a story.  He fell out of bed and wanted to do this straight away.  Getting dressed would have ruined the “flow” apparently.


Meanwhile…  more pyjamas


Then this (with Oscar doing conquermaths now in the background – I love this maths system, so straightforward)


Lucas does piano practise while Dante carries on with his GCSE in vandalism


Time for a tango


It’s catching.  Luc starts a story so they can compare notes.


Pancakes for lunch as we seem to have run out of food.


Just how much pressure does it take to crush a cheese packet?  Does that count as physics?

And then I lost the camera.  I will try again another day.


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