We made it!  We took a leap of faith and left our lodgers (2 teachers) with some money to buy their evening meals (as we arranged with them) and went off to meet C, J, G and L for 3 nights camping.   It was great.  The weather was perfect camping weather – sunny and calm, and we took it easy, staying on the campsite with only one trip out in the car to find a place to paddle in the river.




The other day we went for a walk from the campsite.


(I did carry one and Joth the other really!)

The campsite was lovely and we had a great spacious area for us both with no other tents near in an orchard area which felt very private.   I think the only reason that it was not packed was that there were no facilites other than a water tap and a portaloo but I felt it was worth it for the peace and quiet.

I wasn’t sure how the older ones would get on as they haven’t seen each other for a couple of years now and they’ve obviously grown and changed a lot but they seemed to get on really well, better than ever in a lot of ways.   They played board games, frisbee, wandered off in to the forest together and chatted non stop.  The chats around the campfire with us all were lovely.  They’re still happy to chat with us grown ups too.

Anton and Dante were happy and laid back all holiday despite late bedtimes and copious marshmallows.  All the older ones (including G and L) were great with them and seemed to really enjoy them.  I do think Anton is very reasonable for a three year old.  The freedom of camping suits them all so well and I really love our camper.  It just fits us perfectly.  We tried it this time with the rechargeable battery for the lights and no electric hook up.  It worked fine for the lights but we couldn’t get the fridge to run so more thinking needed there.   There’s always something!  Hmmph!  I’m sure we can get round it though.  It’s worth it to be at more “wild” sites like that (and cheaper).



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