I had a most unusual and most useful day today where I managed to get lots of gardening done.  When I say “unusual” I mean that I don’t think I have done any gardening for at least 2 years so it was most certainly needed.  Oscar and I started by pressure hosing the patio.  One or other of us was using that machine from 10am until 5pm as the patio was so covered in mould which makes me worry about our water bill (being on a meter) but it looks so much better for our efforts.  When I wasn’t hosing I was hacking.  Joth had visions of making a start on painting the outside windows today (the ones still painted solely in undercoat) after he’d finished work but ended up having to mulch half the foliage in the garden.


I can’t quite believe I managed to get so much done.  I don’t think the kids had an awful day either.  It was lovely and sunny and they were on the trampoline, playing games, on the computers, reading and Anton went in the paddling pool much to Dante’s amusement!  He thought it was hilarious!






We’re trying to get the house in better order over this next week or so.  I had planned to do that while it’s a bit quieter in the holidays but I think Joth has been spurred in to action by Emma coming round to check our house for her lodgers and she said “So I’ve got one immaculate house to offer them and this one!”  I’ve never kidded myself this house was anywhere near immaculate but Joth was shocked!  I don’t think he sees the wear and tear and unfinished jobs like I do.  It must be lovely not to see it.  I don’t mention things to him generally because he has no time to do anything about it so I just think that we’ll do it later but it does grate on me.  It’s a lovely feeling to have done a good day in the garden anyway even if there is lots more to do!




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