A really good day

Today was great in lots of ways, big and small.

I DECLUTTERED!  I do like to think though that if/when?!  we make this journey work money wise, we won’t feel we need other “things”.  I’m very used to not buying things unless we really need them now and that feels so right, not just for us but for the planet and how healthy it is to live more simply.  I do find it difficult to let go of things as I hate the thought of adding to landfill but by the time I let things go I can’t even imagine freecycle or the charity shops wanting them so sometimes I hang on to things because I can’t think of an ethical way to get rid but I’m trying to be firm or our house will become one huge landfill in itself.

I felt like a good parent today!  I think that’s a BIG thing!  There aren’t many days where I do feel quite so good about myself.  I just felt I enabled my children to have a really lovely day.  They were just pottering for the most part but all happy in their own ways and I happily (not resentfully or exhaustedly) made  nice meals for them starting with pancakes for breakfast which they were really pleased about and they helped me with them so we all started the day feeling pleased.  Oscar was on his music course but he had the morning at home.

Phoenix came over in the afternoon and she and Lucas played Lego houses with Anton for hours and made a film about their characters using the camcorder which caused them much hilarity.  It was one of those perfect childhood afternoons.  Phoenix didn’t want to go home and asked her mum quietly if she could have a sleepover so we arranged that.   She and Lucas spent the evening making beautiful Fimo models.  I’m so glad for Lucas because while he loves being with R&A no one (or two) friends explore every side of you and Luc has a playful, arty, imaginative, younger side that Phoenix brings out.  They have such a lot of fun.

I was just listening to everyone tonight while I was putting Dante to sleep.  I could hear their laughter downstairs and I could hear Joth in Anton’s room gently helping a very keen Anton to play some sort of version of Chess (Anton had found the pieces and wasn’t to be fobbed off with ducks and drakes) and I knew that Oscar was tucked up in a cosy bed  feeling that he was having a special treat as he had a few sweets (for the sleepover that Katina had brought round) while reading his book.   It’s such a peaceful feeling when everyone is really content and as sort of glow seems to settle over the house.

I really was a good mum today too.  Gosh. I willingly played horses with Anton which involves galloping our little plastic figures off on adventures.  They usually go to the forest and meet queens and find treasure or monsters and they get lost and have to ask people the way (good training for later I reckon, I may start getting them to ask for hard to find items at the supermarket too).

I also managed to keep forging a way forwards with my tidying mission.  De cluttering in August seems to be the pattern for me.  There is no other time in the year where I get chance.  Even keeping up is hard enough most of the time.  It’s utter bliss to not have to fit in so many other activities and work and the kids seem quite happy pottering around while I am clearing and cleaning and having the time to know that I can finish some of what I start is giving me the energy that I need to do it.  I wish life was more like this usually.  It makes me realise that I do enjoy keeping the house nice (I sometimes lose heart and energy) and cooking nice food.   I also feel free to enjoy my children’s company more when I’m not trying to keep them on track with hundreds of things.  I wish I could see a way to scale down.

I’m not sure exactly where I’ll get to with my clearing as there is so much to do that I keep starting lots of jobs depending on which room I happen to be in and I can see it could take far longer than I’ll have before term starts again with all it’s commitments but anything has to be better than nothing.   Joth has also made a good start on the driveway and painting the windows outside.  It’s going to look so much better.  We’re keen to get it looking nice so we could consider renting it out or doing a house swap at some point if it were possible.   Having lodgers has loosened our attitude to our house and helped make us see it as something that works for us, not us for it.

The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master. 

(Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), Lebanese poet, novelist. “On Houses,” The Prophet (1923).)

Another good thing is that I’m still managing to cycle 4 miles a day on my exercise bike in the evenings.  It’s just enough to make me feel I’ve done some exercise and I may even up it soon as tonight felt quite easy.  We just put the subtitles on the TV, chat away and Joth gets the crisps ready for when I’ve finished.  Yes, I know.  But it just makes me cycle that bit quicker.

MORE LOVELY DAYS that we’ve had recently:


The boys found Oscar’s lovely chess set again.


We had a really great game of Ticket to Ride the other night.  Games nights can be such fun.  The boys just love them.  We’ve also had a lovely fire night and toasted marshmallows with Anton too.


Eating a little snack by the Sharpham rope swing where we went walking last weekend.  It’s so beautiful there.






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