Terrible Trains

And I’m not doing my 4 miles on my exercise bike tonight.  I’ve walked miles  with all 4 boys today thanks to public transport, or rather the lack of it.


This photo that Anton took shows just how excited I am to be travelling by train.

We got back exhausted and ready for some sympathy only to find that Joth had just had to go one better and shift 2 tonnes of gravel from the drive to the pathway, and he hadn’t eaten, and he didn’t moan either.  I did.  I think that if you’ve paid for a train ticket you should be able to get a seat particularly with 4 children.

I decided it would be fun (pah!) to go by train to see the flat David is buying in Weston Supermare.  It was only one change from Totnes and takes 1 1/2 hrs – just right for a picnic and a game of cards while Dante napped peacefully on my knee.  Dante hadn’t read the script though and neither had the train company.  We did get seats in the end but all spread out over the carriage,Dante didn’t sleep and I’d forgotten several important things like nappy wipes and books for the train.  We needed the nappy wipes even more than usual too as non of the various loos we visited had soap.  NONE of them.  We waited hours for packed trains, walked miles and arrived home dirty, hungry and fed up.

Still, the boys were great as ever.  When I find myself criticising my boys for not being as “on the ball” as they might be I also have to remind myself that their general laid back attitude comes in very handy sometimes.  They just get on with whatever comes their way really.  Not a word of complaint.



David’s flat was lovely to see too.  I can quite see why he’s fallen for it.  Now we just hope it goes through without a hitch for him.


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