Today I thought we’d have a work based day but the boys did such good work we got it all done fairly quickly which left enough time for us to go raspberry picking again, this time with Lucas too.  Luc enjoyed it so much he wants us to grow our own raspberries.  I really should try to make the effort in the garden this year to grow something.  Anything.  The lady who grows these raspberries said they are unsprayed which is good to hear, particularly as Dante had once again returned with an empty basket and a full tummy, and she refused to take any extra money for the ones he’d eaten.

This area seems to be full of generous spirited people.   It doesn’t come from having money as most people around here seem to have very little but I feel constantly heartened to find that generally people are helpful and generous.  The other day I had a market stall owner ask me if I wanted to “Pay him another time” – he didn’t know me from Adam.    I did have money on me actually but it was fighting with the lining of my handbag.  The same day an old lady came up and gave Anton £1 just for “Being beautiful”.  Now why has that never happened to me?  Anton just looked at her suspiciously and said “Mummy is this real?”  He obviously doesn’t share my trusting nature.

We also had a lovely email from the parent of one of our teenage lodgers saying how grateful she was that we had looked after her daughter.  She described us as “Shining stars that give hope for the future of mankind.”  Yes, I have memorised the exact words.  I may never hear anything like that again.    It was lovely to hear though as I do like to think I look after them in a way that I would like others to treat our children if they were in a strange country.   I think the older I get the more I want to do for other people.  I presume this is a last fling before I retreat in to a cantankerous old age.




Today, Anton dressed specially for the occasion in the waterproof trousers Tara gave him.  He takes getting ready very seriously, thinking about what he needs (often taking rucksacks or bags with “supplies”) and what he should wear.  This was slight overkill for a pretty dry field in this case but I love how “up for everything” he is.


We returned to find that Oscar had made a gorgeous chocolate cake while we were out, completely by himself (not that Joth would have been much use!) and had gone to the shop and spent his own money on the chocolate needed.  He had had a bit of trouble melting chocolate in the microwave and had managed to melt the plastic pot but had salvaged it all and the cake was really delicious.  We ate it with our fresh raspberries and cream for tea and it was fabulous!



Joth said that Oscar had told him that he wanted to make the cake because he felt bad that he had jumped in the lake with my phone in his pocket yesterday (it’s still not working at this moment in time) and I went to say thank you for that, and Oscar said “Well it was more that I just felt like some cake.”  Gotta love his honesty!

Lucas and Anton decided to put up the little tent and camp out tonight.


Joth said it would be too cold but I think they’ll be really cosy in there.  We did put the heating on for one hour today for the first time in about 6 months.  It was so lovely seeing how excited Lucas and Anton were getting about camping together.   It’s nice that even though Oscar didn’t feel like camping, Lucas was totally happy to do it with Anton (and he actually loves being the one to help Anton.  He was even brushing his teeth last night.)   Happiness was having a lollypop while reading stories in a tent.



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