Smooothly done

Today I had a day where I was more able to focus on the little ones which felt really good.  I do love the way that no two days are the same and we have such choice over what we want to do each day.

Yesterday I got loads done with the older two but didn’t feel I met the little one’s needs.  I must get more organised with some more activities up my sleeve for the little ones for when the older ones need help with their projects or practise.  I keep wanting to get the older ones more organised for a few days ahead but although I can help them decide on which maths they are going to do and the English course is all prepared it is tricky to be more organised than that as so much of their most valuable work seems to be more spontaneous.

For instance, yesterday Lucas did an extraordinary amount of work on this competition run by Innocent smoothies.  He never fails to amaze me with his persistance.  There was such a lot to do for this competition and he was so determined to do his best that he tried many different versions and kept insisting on starting again even when I thought it would “do.”  Over the last few weeks he has made different smoothies and decided on his perfect “Halloween” smoothie recipe:



We all tried making many different smoothies



and voted this one the best



Then he had to think of a name and a slogan:

“Dracula’s drink” and “A Fang-tastically healthy treat”

and then design the packaging:


Which included a free kit to make  your own not-so-innocent dracula (based on their innocent logo):


And last but by no means least he had to make a poster for the marketing campaign:


He painted this background with watercolour paint and then cut out all the sillouttes.


And after all that, it just seems a terrible shame that unless he’s the overall winner he won’t even get a reply.  The overall winner gets £1000 for their school so we put down the home education group hopefully although as usual, Oscar has been busy trying to think of ways he could get his hands on it himself for rather select Warhammer club.  I wanted to encourage a chat about what might benefit the home ed population round here as a whole if we did win that money.  We’re applying for more than that as a group anyway from lottery funding.  Let’s hope.

And while Lucas was doing all that Oscar finished his English assignment so we can send the first batch of work off for marking and he did the last part of his work of Pythagoras Theorem.  I think he’s almost ready to start KS4 maths work now.  It’s nice to be working at his level without wasting time.

Oscar also had a phone interview and aptitude test for his Open University French Course.   He’s now on the course along with 3 other under 16’s in the area so that’s great.  She gave us a link to more of the course materials and they do look fabulous.  It’s free too for under 16 yr olds although that may not be the case for long with cuts in funding.   He will have to work pretty hard and I don’t know if he can do it as it’s not his forte but the idea is to do the course in a year and it is the equivalent of a GCSE course.  We want to go to France next year and will ask for French lodgers as a preference and I’m sure he’ll learn loads in the process however far he gets.

We also all watched  programme called “Concrete Circus” which had a big impact on Oscar.  It was about Street Sports such as BMXing and free running/Parkour and in true Oscar style he is sold on the whole thing and sees himself as only one step away from a street runner.   He asked to go to a trampolining class and attended his first one on Tuesday and enjoyed it, so that’s been added to the mix now.

Suddenly he’s out more evenings than he is in because he and Lucas also tried Sea Cadets at the Dartmouth Royal Naval College and came away very impressed.   I couldn’t get much out of the boys except that it was “good” and they want to go again but Joth said that the staff were very helpful and organised and there were only about 10 children there in the 13+ yr old group with incredible facilities and opportunities.  Joth said the kids were really friendly and very un-military looking (I thought they might be a bit rough and competitive). They get the chance to do Duke of Edinburgh, sail, shoot, scuba dive, rock climb, do the Ten Tors challenge as a group and so on.   One of the older ones has just been on a years trip to Australia.   I do realise it comes with some strings attached – the first of which is that they have to have their hair cut and swear some oath or other.  Hmmm…  There seems more than enough there to run with it though and I do actually think that they will enjoy the whole uniform, belonging, marching thing.  One of the best things about home education seems to me to be this ability to experience a wide variety of activities, none of which take up a majority of their time so they can gain perspective at an impressionable time in their lives.

So, more about the little ones tomorrow.   There’s a glass of cider calling me.




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  1. Love the innocent thing, that’s brilliant! Hope he wins 🙂

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