Brown sludge

And so after a day of getting loads done with the older ones I was determined to give the little ones a bit more attention.

The older two went to R&A’s for the afternoon and the little ones and I had a lovely afternoon.  We played games and read stories and did some colour mixing in water this time.  Dante could join in too and he loved it.



Then we made some play dough and found that red and yellow make.. oh and some blue..  and add green…  and purple..  oh look, it makes brown again.   And the moral of that story is that all pretty roads lead to brown sludge.


Both little ones are loving their story time as usual.  Dante loves getting tucked in under the covers with his big red point and say book.  Not that he’s doing very much of the saying.  All he says so far is “ooff oooff”  for the dog, “Addy” which we think means daddy and “Eddy eddy oh!” which means Ready Steady Go.  He also also says “oh Wow” at anything vaguely exciting.  Because I do, a lot, I’ve realised.  He understands so much now though.  I can ask him to fetch me things and go and lie on the mat to have his nappy changed.  Now if I could only persuade him to let me put on a clean nappy we’d be away.

Anton’s favourite book is “Tom Tit Moves House” by Molly Brett.  It has a selection of woodland creatures in and he likes to make me read it replacing their names with the name of family and friends.  Anton is a toad in it at the moment.  It’s such a gentle book and the most adventursome thing that happens is toad falling in a ditch but he gasps and grins his way through it.  He’s just such a delight.

He is loving playing with our new lodger, Sam, who is the second of seven children.  He and Anton play Snakes and Ladders and I don’t know who gets more excited about it.


I have been doing some things that have really helped on the organisation front:


This is our new whiteboard cupboard where we can write anything on (and Dante frequently does) and we have our weekly schedule on there which really helps.  Joth still asks me every five minutes what time I’m starting teaching/going out etc but now I don’t have to reply.


We also have a list of chores which the boys can pick one thing from each day (or at least that is the idea) and then at the end of a successful chore-filled week they can choose a treat.  This week they are working towards us all watching Hot Fuzz on DVD together.   Oscar got quite in to it on the first day and did a really good job of sweeping the utility room while Lucas collected 72 apples from the garden to make apple crumbles all year. We also write down things that we’d like to do on our family days out and things that the boys want to do that I can’t sort out with them immediately (e.g Anton wants to use the saw).



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