Breaking and mending

Joth took the older two to archery today and was very impressed with the class.

We also had another great day cycling today, even though it was yet another day when our cycle trip to Halden forest didn’t go according to plan.  I managed to persuade Anton to keep his old mum happy and go on the green trail with me (and Dante on the front of my bike ) even though Anton wanted to try a “different colour.”    O was very keen to try the trickiest red one which was 6.5 miles of “extreme!”  Lucas was duly persauded to try too and Joth set off with them.

Unfortunately something went wrong with Joth’s bikeand he needed to come back to get a spanner.   Luc came back with him but O had gone ahead so when Joth had fixed it he left Luc waiting for me and pegged off round the extreme trail at a rate of knots to try to catch Oscar up “in case he was worried.”  After a bit Joth was the one who was worried as he thought the track was so risky he was imagining Oscar having fallen off somewhere and so he stepped up his pace even further.   Meanwhile Oscar had got back to base camp without breaking a sweat or noticing that Joth and Lucas weren’t even with him!   He’d really enjoyed it and said there were rope bridges and all sorts!  Poor Joth arrived a bit later absolutely drenched in sweat.  We’re never going there again without several mobile phones.

Anton was very game and went all round the 1.5 mile green trail on his little pedal bike and then went round and round the circuit where you go over bumps and sharp corners.  He’s such fun.

We haven’t had a great week with vehicles all round but by the time I’d finished with the van it needed more than a bike spanner.  I turned too sharply out of the drive on Thursday and smashed the side window on the gatepost just next to Anton which gave us both quite a fright.   It’s so annoying.  One of those slips of concentration that leaves you just wishing you could just rewind a few seconds.    They’re doing it on the windscreen insurance which has £75 excess which is less than the car insurance excess but it’s still a lot and hassle too that we could do without.  And then the next day I had a puncture in the Fiat while taking Oscar to Andrew’s for a one off violin lesson to someone who wasn’t me.  They said I must have hit a curb but I’m sure I didn’t.  Damn.  Joth’s been very good about it all as usual.  Mind you, he can’t talk now as he let Dante post coins in to the car CD player the other day so that’s not working either.

There are just too many things each day though to sort out that get in the way when Joth and I are doing everything we can to maximise our time.   I picked up the phone today while Dante was asleep and had a long involved chat with a pupil’s mother I could have done without.  The chat was important but I couldn’t catch up with myself for the rest of the day as I had counted on that time to prepare supper and get control of the kitchen again.

Our kitchen looked like this today.


Part of me is always quite proud  of myself for letting it get into that state as so many things were going on and I was going with the flow instead of clearing up which you can end up doing all day anyway and not get anything interesting done.



Today there was Oscar doing sewing on a piece of felt using a paper pattern on top which he says he invented (I didn’t tell him I think others have done it before), Anton printing leaves for our Autumn bunting and Lucas doing maths.  They all did quite a lot in the end but I felt the nagging was out of proportion to the end result so it wasn’t the best day.  I think writing lists for Thursday and Friday would be a good idea.


They all did some sewing on the machine. I have worked out that I have a child born in a different season: Anton in Autumn, Oscar in Winter, Dante in Spring and Lucas in Summer, so I decided to make seasonal bunting for each child starting with Anton.  We all chipped in with the older two really enjoying the sewing machine.  The bunting worked so well because people can do as many triangles as they like.  I also think they look good if they are fairly “rustic” (untidy) in appearance and they are small enough to be manageable in the sewing machine.  Lucas and Oscar always have such definite ideas of what they want things to look like which I find easy to work with as I can offer ideas and they can ignore them.  I really enjoy doing art projects with them.


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