Anton’s birthday

Anton had a bit of a funny, spread out birthday this year but he was pleased with it.  He seemed to be just excited that it was his birthday and didn’t seem to have particular expectations.  I was pleased with his presents as we didn’t go overboard but he got enough to be excited about and I had bought them in advance so we didn’t spend too much or panic buy.

On the day we had his friend M over for a mini pirate party and played some games with all the boys like “Walk the plank” and “Find the Treasure” (try to get money out of a collection of metal objects while blindfolded) and “Hook the Necklace” with a pirate hook to search through shredded paper to find candy necklaces.


We then had a small birthday tea.

Anyway, as far as Anton’s birthday went we didn’t get chance to do his proper cake until Sunday.  He was insistent he wanted to help make it and Lucas and I had been to the sweet shop to buy treasure island additions so we spent Sunday morning making this


with pebble sweets, matchmaker fire and edible palm trees made out of licorice root with marshmallow tops and green fizzy strips.  They are the only edible trees I have managed 0to make successfully.  I also gave him a map of the cake with a red cross marking the spot where I had “buried” a little playmobile treasure chest in the cake with a clue inside it saying “in your bed” and I had hidden a huge chocolate coin inside his sleeping bag.


And he was very pleased!



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