Anton had a wonderful time playing with a cardboard box kitchen today.


And then once we’d mastered play kitchens we moved on to more advanced games.  This was chess but not as you know it!


The lodgers like playing games too.  This is Anatoly playing Blokus with the boys.

And speaking of games we had a drive to Dartmoor last weekend but the mist was so heavy we ended up sitting in the car rather than walking and just read the Haunted Dartmoor book and drank Horlicks (which I have succeeded in getting the kids keen on).





(Lucas enacts the Hairy Hands of Dartmoor – hands that grab your steering wheel while you are driving….)

I had a brain wave on the way home for a board game about Dartmoor that would involve a map of the area, wildlife and legends.  I can just see it now on the shelf in the tourist information and local shops and we’d have our own internet site and advertise it in cafes and holiday shops.  I know just the local artist to ask to design the board for a share in the profits.   Well, I spent a happy couple of precious hours (thanks Joth) just having fun with the idea and then I made the boys and Joth play it when the little ones were in bed.   Needless to say it needs more tweaking than I thought so I won’t be running to the tourist board with  it just yet but there’s an idea in there somewhere.   It was fun.


So failing that idea, we are still relying on Joth to save us from the workhouse and he had another email from another orchestra this week.  More fingers crossed.


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