Last weekend we had a new trip out and took the Cremyll ferry over to Cornwall from Plymouth which was really pretty.



The weather has been so mild recently


We went past all the Stonehouse Navy barracks.





And went to play hide and seek at Mount Edgcombe on the other side



We were in Plymouth while Oscar was doing his OU seminar last week so the rest of us went for this lovely trip.  Or rather it had all the ingredients of a great day out but Joth and I were feeling too irritated with each other to enjoy it properly.  Things were so bad we had to try talking to each other that evening instead of putting the TV on.  We think perhaps we should do it more often as it worked like magic.  We even used the listening technique of holding something while you are talking with the idea that the other person doesn’t interrupt until you have “handed over.”  Usually a beautiful object is used like a bowl, stick or stone but Joth and I used a symbol of power in our house – the remote control, which is actually mine I might add.  Joth doesn’t know how to use all the buttons which I always find amusing.  The organisation of the RSNO is in his hands but he can’t work the volume on our TV.

Anyway, the listening technique works so well because saying what you want to say without being interrupted helps you to say it more calmly and having to listen without responding immediately helps you formulate a more balanced response.  Interesting.  We’ve felt closer all week because of it so that’s got to be a good thing.


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