O’s birthday


We started with the traditional opening presents in bed while mum tries to open her eyes.  And yes, I am in there somewhere.

Their friends had been away for a couple of weeks but they had come back yesterday without Oscar knowing so I was able to ask them round as a surprise.  Oscar opened the door to them just before lunch in his pyjamas and just said a sort of sheepish “Oh!” and they all ambled off upstairs to play Risk and Warhammer.  They have such a lovely easy going friendships but it did make me laugh thinking that if they had been girls they would have probably fallen all over each other with “What a surprise” and “How lovely to see you”  etc etc. but not a bit of it!


The little ones “helped” me make pizza for lunch and then we made Oscar a different sort of cake this year.  I felt that being a teenager warranted a change but on reflection I wondered if he felt a bit pushed in to feeling more grown up than he wanted to.   I remember lots of people referring to me as a “teenager” in that slightly mock horrified voice and I remember it making me feel a bit uncomfortable (although most things did at that age) and I also had that feeling of wanting to hold on to being younger.  But then it’s easy to imagine that he may have felt similarly to me and he may well have felt nothing of the sort.


Anyway,  I made Oscar a chocolate mousse cake which involved layering mousse and soaked sponges, covering it in melted chocolate and making chocolate rose leaves for the top.  All of which was great fun and very rewarding as it tasted really good.  I recommend the recipe.


Both Anton and Dante had been very insistent on helping me and Dante was keen to use the whisk which was lucky as between he and Anton   they managed to whisk the sponge mixture for the 45 mins required to get it to the necessary consistency.  They are quite a team together these days…



We played a very successful game of Risk in the evening which had been a present.  I had set up E to come around to babysit the younger two for the first time ever (with the idea that we’d go out after they were asleep) and booked us a table at the Waterside for a special meal but Oscar said that he would actually prefer to stay in and play a game!  I felt a bit disappointed as I thought it would be something really different to mark the occasion but it would have been very expensive and it was rather touching that he loves our games evenings so much.


And so my first born is a teenager.  I can’t quite believe it.  He said he felt a bit sad at one point in the day as he said birthday’s make him sad.  I’m not quite sure whether that was a feeling of disappointment that birthday’s are never quite what you hope they will be as you grow up or whether he’s disappointed the day passes so quickly.  I was touched he told me.  He’s grown up such a lot in this year alone and shows flashes of maturity that make me think he’ll be a lovely open, honest, caring enthusiastic young person.  Go Oscar!


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