Pre-Christmas cooking

At the beginning of December we managed to get the Christmas cake done and the mincemeat made for the mince pies.  We tried to use magic but in the end manpower won out.



Dante has become quite helpful these days and there are obvious perks for him.


We made our wishes while we stirred.  Mine has been the same for several years now – please this year?


Typically Oscar has wanted to do his own different festive treats and decided to make  fortune cookies which I was dubious about thinking they would be too much effort for little reward but they were surprisingly fun to make and tasty too.  He liked putting the sayings in and has made some for Christmas presents too.


When he needed time out from crafting and cooking Oscar ended up running out and trying out his stilts, even in the rain!


Our lodger, also showed us how to make a Ukranian dish. ..  Great fun.


We also started the Christmas tide by our traditional putting up the tree and sleeping together in the living room which is one of our most successful traditions.


Oscar made us mince pies and then we put up the tree and watched a film called “Fly Away Home” which the boys were dubious about but it turned about to be one that we all enjoyed.  The child actor was really good and it was just the right side of corny.  Anyway I often think that things aren’t corny to children because they haven’t seen things enough to work out the formulas.






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2 responses to “Pre-Christmas cooking

  1. Fly Away Home is our all time favourite movie to watch as a family. Steve and I cry at it even though we know it back to front. It’s not about the geese at all (contrary to the children’s belief) but all about the relationship between the daughter and the father and it gets me every time!!

    Anyway lovely to see all your festivities here – Happy New Year 🙂

  2. lindsay349

    Yes, I quite agree with you when you say it’s about the relationship between them. It’s very moving. Any other recommendations for family films?!

    Happy New Year to you too ! x

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