shared birthdays


We had a wonderful weekend at my brothers to celebrate Dante and C’s birthdays.  Oscar had an OU seminar so we didn’t make it until lunchtime but we packed in a lot of fun in.  We opened presents over lunch…


…and then in the afternoon we walked down to the beach with the buckets and spades.  The little ones were completely engrossed and the bigger ones were good company and completely happy to potter with us.  We also went on a short walk along the barrier that keeps some of the sea near the beach.  Dante made me laugh so much by insisting on running the whole way.  There was no stopping him!


C and Dante shared a chocolate Mars Bar cake with 2 candles each to blow out:


And we all shared a meal of lemon chicken


We really had a wonderful, gentle day of just enjoying being together.  I can’t get over how wonderful it feels to see D so content in his flat.  We’re trying to see each other every month if we can.  We want the kids to be used to seeing a lot of each other.

The older two were made up on this occasion because we left them there overnight and they came back on the train the next day after an evening of playing playstation on D’s projector and a morning of a fry up and a trip to the arcade.  They came back very happy boys!


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