French Part 1

The first part of our French holiday is over.


We were staying at a campsite near Puy de Fou, the historical theme park we visited three years ago and have wanted to come back to ever since.  It didn’t disappoint.  We had a two day ticket and saw all the shows including the Cinescene which is a major panoramic show at night complete with a light display on the chateau which forms the backdrop, galloping knights, an entire war scene, fireworks and dancing.  It’s impossible to describe.  If you are ever in a position to see it I would recommend it to anyone.  It is like nothing I have ever seen anywhere else.  I think Oscar loved the experience of being in a big crowd and doing the Mexican wave (we guessed there were about 10,000 people in the audience)  as much as the show itself.  It makes me think how much fun he and Lucas will have to come at festivals, big concerts and football matches etc

The show is described as: “The biggest night show in the world, where 1,200 actors using 6,000 costumes with 70 horsemen and all of the latest technology entertain you for 1 hour and 40 minutes with a show that is as awesome as it is breathtaking. It is a true “Son et lumière” a medieval pageant play displayed with 21st century technology.
The show tells the history of the Vendée as seen through the eyes of a small boy over the period from just before the start of the Wars of the Vendée in 1793 through two centuries to the present day.
The Stage covers over 70 acres and is the largest stage in the world, the water fountains and firework display are the largest of their kind held on a regular basis in Europe.”

Anton and Dante slept through it of course as it started at 10pm and went on until midnight but now we have an excuse to bring them back in a few years time.  They loved all the other shows though.



(in the Roman arena)

The Vikings was Anton’s particular favourite. The whole experience felt such a treat and it was wonderful doing something together like that.  The older boys are funny though.  They don’t hold back with their criticisms.  We saw The Muskateer show which involved flamenco dancers and horses dancing together on an indoor stage that was flooded with water to reflect the lights and breath taking swordsmanship but the boys just said they didn’t like the dancing and Oscar said he preferred the last show we’d seen with the knights as they had more jousting and the jester had been good.  He had remembered such detail.  They still loved it though.



(buying Muskateer swords in the shop)


Battling with them in the deserted play area at the campsite!


The campsite was great.  We had booked ourselves a clear day before the Puy de Fou to get some food in, settle in and use the swimming pool on site which proved a good idea as the travelling had taken us so much longer than we had originally planned and we needed a quiet day.  When planning timings I hadn’t realised that the speed limit for trailers in France is 55mph so that made a significant difference.  We left our campsite in Dover at 6.15am for a 7.35am ferry and arrived at our campsite in Les Epesses at 6.30pm.  We had only taken 1/2hr break.  The kids were amazing, particularly as it was boiling hot.  We listened to “Cabin Pressure” all the way, which is the boys latest Radio 4 comedy that they are in to.  It’s so nice when we all enjoy the same thing.  Dante and Anton just ate endless bits and pieces and played on the Nintendos.  Dante just stabs at the screen but it seems to amuse him for quite a while.


After we’d set up and the kids had made themselves at home with the campsite playground we went to the campsite restuarant for a meal.  It was an very ordinary meal of things with chips but it felt like manna from heaven and it was lovely being able to sit out late in to the evening.  It did cost 56 Euros though so it spurred me on to take a leisurely trip to the supermarket the next morning while Joth set off with the kids on bikes around the lake next to the campsite.  The older boys love being able to go off on their bikes whenever they want.

We did have a couple of really lovely swims in their outdoor pool as the sun was shining.  Dante absolutely refused to get in swimming trunks or a swim nappy though so he just played with his cars by the sun chairs.  Anton and the older boys stayed in for hours.

We had a great time in the couple of days we spent at Puy de Fou.  I think I spend so much time inputting with the children I bask in the experience of them gaining so much excitement and fun where I can enjoy it too without having to do much!


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