About Us

We are:

me/Lins/mum/home educator/classical violinist/violin teacher

HimIndoors/Joth/dad/runs own business writing admin software for orchestras/works (very hard) from home

and our four boys:  Oscar (12),  Lucas (9), Anton (3) and Dante (1).  Yes, they do all have five letter names (which started off as a coincidence) and then they all have four letter middle names starting with “J.”  Strange but true.  There are lots of other strange things about us all but I dare say that will become evident as I go along.

We moved to Devon in 2004 to start home educating and start a business.  It’s been a fabulous choice for us and has enabled us to have the family life we’d hoped for and the childhood that I feel they deserve.  We’re still on a knife edge money wise but whatever the future holds we will always be glad for the wonderful years we’ve had already.

I have been writing a blog for family and private records for several years now, but I have got so much inspiration from reading other blogs out there that I am beginning to feel that I should come out of the woodwork, not out of any feeling that I can provide any inspiration for anyone else (making other people feeling that they are doing very well might be more my role) but just because I’d like to be a participant rather than an onlooker.  So, hello!


7 responses to “About Us

  1. Well, hello there missus 🙂 Looking forward to reading more…

    Oh, and huge congratulations! I didn’t know that there is another one on the way :o)

  2. hello! I’m still on the SWHome Ed group so caught your link … and Richard Featherstone had mentioned you to me the other day as well so it’s nice to read a bit of what you’re up to here! Hope you don’t mind me following along …

    • lindsay349

      Sarah – lovely to hear from you. I log in to your blog every now and then and love seeing your lovely children do their lovely music – it looks like they’re doing so well. Thanks for saying hello! and say hello to Richard for me… x

  3. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Congrats on the baby! (Had you heard, 4 is the new 3?!)

  4. Alexis Sharp

    Hi, I’ve recently discovered your blog and love it. I have 3 under 5 years and am thinking of home-educating. Can I ask why you decided to home-ed?

    • lindsay349

      Aw thanks! I wish I’d known about home ed when my eldest was that young. I didn’t find out until he went off very keenly to school and then gradually seemed to lose heart and I realised that I would only ever get the tired dregs of my gorgeous child left. I started off thinking well we’ll just home ed for the next few months and see and that’s what we’re still doing! School is always there if it ever feels like a good idea and he wanted to check in himself at secondary and did a year but came out again. I love home for the freedom (which also includes flexibility of being able to change how we approach it) and for the family togetherness. It can be very tricky to feel that you’re ever doing enough but I would always feel that school was never quite right either. I feel eternally grateful for the woman that I met on the beach once who told me about it (I thought she was mad at the time!) and I scurried home and started reading everything I could about it. I think even if you are the sort of parent who looks in to it and decides not to you are obviously the sort of open minded parent who any child is lucky to have. Well done you!

  5. Alexis Sharp

    Thanks very much for the advice and the inspiration!

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